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  1. 2019
  2. 2018
  3. Geometric aspects influencing N-NTB transition - implication of intramolecular torsion

    Lesac, A., Baumeister, U., Dokli, I., Hameršak, Z., Ivšić, T., Kontrec, D., Viskić, M., Knežević, A. & Mandle, R. J., 20 Mar 2018

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  4. 2017
  5. Liquid crystalline glycosteroids and acyl steroid glycosides (ASG)

    Yang, Z., Xu, R., Ali-Rachedi, F., Chambert, S., Xavier, N. M., Soulère, L., Ahmar, M., Mackenzie, G., Davis, E. J., Goodby, J. W., Cowling, S. J. & Queneau, Y., 30 Oct 2017

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  6. 2016
  7. Second-harmonic generation and the influence of flexoelectricity in the nematic phases of bent-core oxadiazoles

    Addis, J., Kaur, S., Binks, D. J., Dickinson, M. R., Greco, C., Ferrarini, A., Görtz, V., Goodby, J. W. & Gleeson, H. F., 24 Apr 2016

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  8. 2015
  9. 2014
  10. 2013
  11. 2012
  12. 2011
  13. 2010
  14. 2009
  15. Molecular complexity and the control of self-organising processes

    Goodby, J. W., Saez, I. M., Cowling, S. J., Gasowska, J. S., MacDonald, R. A., Sia, S., Watson, P., Toyne, K. J., Hird, M., Lewis, R. A., Lee, S-E. & Vaschenko, V., Jun 2009

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  16. 2008
  17. 2007
  18. 2006
  19. Mesomorphism of complexed 2,6-disubstituted pyridine ligands: crystal and molecular structure of two bent-core pyridines

    Torralba, M. C., Huck, D. M., Nguyen, H. L., Horton, P. N., Donnio, B., Hursthouse, M. B. & Bruce, D. W., Apr 2006

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  20. Bent-core mesogens based on semi-flexible dicyclohexylmethane spacers

    Lesac, A., Nguyen, H. L., Narancic, S., Baumeister, U., Diele, S. & Bruce, D. W., Feb 2006

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  21. 2005
  22. 2004
  23. 2003
  24. 2002
  25. Chiral two ring compounds exhibiting antiferroelectric phases

    Futterer, T., Heppke, G., Lotzsch, D., Moro, D., Goodby, J. W. & Tuffin, R. P., Sep 2002

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  26. The antiferroelectric TGB phase: textures, field-induced effects and microscopic model

    Meier, J. G., Rudquist, P., Petrenko, A. S., Goodby, J. W. & Lagerwall, S. T., Feb 2002

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  27. 2001
  28. 2000
  29. Hydrogen-bonded polycatenar mesogens

    Friot, B., Boyd, D., Willis, K., Donnio, B., Ungar, G. & Bruce, D. W., May 2000

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  30. 1999
  31. On the mesomorphism of lanthanum(III) alkanoates

    Binnemans, K., Heinrich, B., Guillon, D. & Bruce, D. W., Nov 1999

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  32. 1998
  33. Liquid crystalline derivatives of galactose and galactitol: dependence of thermotropic mesomorphism on carbohydrate form

    Bault, P., Gode, P., Goethals, G., Goodby, J. W., Haley, J. A., Kelly, S. M., Mehl, G. H., Ronco, G. & Villa, P., Jul 1998

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  34. An homologous series of 6-O-n-alkyl-alpha-D-galactopyranoses: synthesis and thermotropic mesomorphic properties

    Bault, P., Gode, P., Goethals, G., Goodby, J. W., Haley, J. A., Kelly, S. M., Mehl, G. H., Ronco, G. & Villa, P., Feb 1998

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  35. 1997
  36. Vorlander's wheel

    Bruce, D. W., Heyns, K. & Vill, V., Dec 1997

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  37. 1996
  38. On the mesomorphism of hydrogen bonded complexes formed between decyloxystilbazole and phthalic acid

    Willis, K., Luckhurst, J. E., Price, D. J., Frechet, J. M. J., Kihara, H., Kato, T., Ungar, G. & Bruce, D. W., Oct 1996

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  39. Supramolecular ferroelectric liquid crystals. Hydrogen-bonded complexes between benzoic acids and chiral stilbazoles

    Kihara, H., Kato, T., Uryu, T., Ujiie, S., Kumar, U., Frechet, J. M. J., Bruce, D. W. & Price, D. J., Jul 1996

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  40. X-ray and magnetic birefringence studies of some lanthanide metallomesogens with Schiff's base ligands

    Galyametdinov, Y. G., Ivanova, G., Ovchinnikov, I., Prosvirin, A., Guillon, D., Heinrich, B., Dunmur, D. A. & Bruce, D. W., Jun 1996

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  41. Magnetic properties of rare-earth beta-enaminoketone metallomesogens

    Bikchantaev, I., Galyametdinov, Y. G., Kharitonova, O., Ovchinnikov, I. V., Bruce, D. W., Dunmur, D. A., Guillon, D. & Heinrich, B., Apr 1996

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  42. 1995


    Comment/debate in LIQUID CRYSTALS


    BRUCE, D. W., ESTDALE, S., GUILLON, D. & HEINRICH, B., Sep 1995

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  45. 1994
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