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  1. 2020
  2. Entanglement Classification via Neural Network Quantum States

    Harney, C., Pirandola, S., Ferraro, A. & Paternostro, M., 2 Apr 2020

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  3. 2019
  4. Helical and oscillatory microswimmer motility statistics from differential dynamic microscopy

    Croze, O. A., martinez, V., Jakuszeit, T., Dario, DA., Poon, W. C. K. & Bees, M. A., 11 Jun 2019

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  5. Femtosecond laser-heating effect on the magnetization dynamics in perpendicularly magnetized Ta/CoFeB/MgO film

    Liu, B., Yang, L., Ruan, X., Cai, J. W., He, L., Meng, H., Wu, J. & Xu, Y., 29 May 2019

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  6. Reaching supercritical field strengths with intense lasers

    Blackburn, T. G., Ilderton, A., Marklund, M. & Ridgers, C. P., 29 May 2019

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  7. Realising single-shot measurements of quantum radiation reaction in high-intensity lasers

    Baird, C. D., Murphy, C. D., Blackburn, T. G., Ilderton, A., Mangles, S. P. D., Marklund, M. & Ridgers, C. P., 22 May 2019

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  8. 2018
  9. Efficient ion acceleration and dense electron-positron plasma creation in ultra-high intensity laser-solid interactions

    Sorbo, D. D., Blackman, D. R., Capdessus, R., Small, K., Slade-Lowther, C., Duff, M. J., Robinson, A. P. L., McKenna, P., Sheng, Z. -M., Pasley, J., Ridgers, C. P. & Luo, W., 26 Mar 2018

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  10. 2017
  11. Optimal joint measurements of complementary observables by a single trapped ion

    Busch, P., Xiong, T. P., Yan, L. L., Ma, Z. H., Zhou, F., Chen, L., Yang, W. L. & Feng, M., Jun 2017

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  12. 2016
  13. Enhanced magnetic properties in ZnCoAlO caused by exchange-coupling to Co nanoparticles

    Feng, Q., Dizayee, W., Li, X., Score, D. S., Neal, J. R., Behan, A. J., Mokhtari, A., Alshammari, M. S., Al-Qahtani, M. S., Blythe, H. J., Chantrell, R. W., Heald, S. M., Xu, X. H., Fox, A. M. & Gehring, G. A., 23 Nov 2016

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  14. 2015
  15. Can different quantum state vectors correspond to the same physical state? An experimental test

    Nigg, D., Monz, T., Schindler, P., Martinez, E. A., Hennrich, M., Blatt, R., Pusey, M. F., Rudolph, T. & Barrett, J., 23 Dec 2015

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  16. Laser-driven platform for generation and characterization of strong quasi-static magnetic fields

    Santos, J. J., Bailly-Grandvaux, M., Giuffrida, L., Forestier-Colleoni, P., Fujioka, S., Zhang, Z., Korneev, P., Bouillaud, R., Dorard, S., Batani, D., Chevrot, M., Cross, J. E., Crowston, R., Dubois, J. L., Gazave, J., Gregori, G., D'humières, E., Hulin, S., Ishihara, K., Kojima, S. & 14 others, Loyez, E., Marquès, J. R., Morace, A., Nicolaï, P., Peyrusse, O., Poyé, A., Raffestin, D., Ribolzi, J., Roth, M., Schaumann, G., Serres, F., Tikhonchuk, V. T., Vacar, P. & Woolsey, N., 24 Aug 2015

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  17. Magnetization dynamics in an exchange-coupled NiFe/CoFe bilayer studied by x-ray detected ferromagnetic resonance

    Stenning, G., Shelford, L. R., Cavill, S. A., Hoffmann, F., Haertinger, M., Hesjedal, T., Woltersdorf, G., Bowden, G., Gregory, S., Back, C. H., de Groot, P. & van der Laan, G., 15 Jan 2015

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  18. 2014
  19. Laser pulse propagation and enhanced energy coupling to fast electrons in dense plasma gradients

    Gray, R. J., Carroll, D. C., Yuan, X. H., Brenner, C. M., Burza, M., Coury, M., Lancaster, K. L., Lin, X. X., Li, Y. T., Neely, D., Quinn, M. N., Tresca, O., Wahlstrom, C. G. & McKenna, P., Nov 2014

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  20. Azimuthal asymmetry in collective electron dynamics in relativistically transparent laser-foil interactions

    Gray, R. J., MacLellan, D. A., Gonzalez-Izquierdo, B., Powell, H. W., Carroll, D. C., Murphy, C. D., Stockhausen, L. C., Rusby, D. R., Scott, G. G., Wilson, R., Booth, N., Symes, D. R., Hawkes, S. J., Torres, R., Borghesi, M., Neely, D. & McKenna, P., Sep 2014

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  21. 2013
  22. Holographic imaging of interlayer coupling in Co/Pt/NiFe

    Duckworth, T. A., Ogrin, F. Y., Beutier, G., Dupraz, M., Dhesi, S. S., Cavill, S. A., Van Der Laan, G., Langridge, S., Whiteside, A., Moore, T. & Yakhou, F., 1 Feb 2013

    Article in New Journal of Physics

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