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  1. 2019
  2. Performance assessment of long-legged tightly-baffled divertor geometries in the ARC reactor concept

    Wigram, M. R. K., Labombard, B., Umansky, M., Kuang, A. Q., Golfinopoulos, T., Terry, J. L., Brunner, D., Rensink, M. E., Ridgers, C. P. & Whyte, D., 12 Sep 2019

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  3. Stability analysis of secondary modes, driven by the phase space island

    Dudkovskaia, A. V., Garbet, X., Lesur, M. & Wilson, H. R., 1 Aug 2019

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  4. High fusion performance in Super H-mode experiments on Alcator C-Mod and DIII-D

    Snyder, P. B., Hughes, J. W., Osborne, T. H., Paz-Soldan, C., Solomon, W. M., Knolker, M., Eldon, D., Evans, T., Golfinopoulos, T., Grierson, B. A., Groebner, R. J., Hubbard, A. E., Kolemen, E., Labombard, B., Laggner, F. M., Meneghini, O., Mordijck, S., Petrie, T., Scott, S., Wang, H. Q. & 2 othersWilson, H. R. & Zhu, Y. B., 24 Jun 2019

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  5. Blob distortion by radio-frequency induced sheared flow

    Zhang, W., Cziegler, I., Bobkov, V., Conway, G., Fuchert, G., Griener, M., Kardaun, O., Manz, P., Noterdaeme, J. M., Seliunin, E. & Wolfrum, E., 5 Jun 2019

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  6. Overview of new MAST physics in anticipation of first results from MAST Upgrade

    Harrison, J. R., Akers, R. J., Allan, S. Y., Allcock, J. S., Allen, J. O., Appel, L., Barnes, M., Ben Ayed, N., Boeglin, W., Bowman, C., Bradley, J., Browning, P., Bryant, P., Carr, M., Cecconello, M., Challis, C. D., Chapman, S., Chapman, I. T., Colyer, G. J., Conroy, S. & 98 othersConway, N. J., Cox, M., Cunningham, G., Dendy, R. O., Dorland, W., Dudson, B. D., Easy, L., Elmore, S. D., Farley, T., Feng, X., Field, A. R., Fil, A., Fishpool, G. M., Fitzgerald, M., Flesch, K., Fox, M. F. J., Frerichs, H., Gadgil, S., Gahle, D., Garzotti, L., Ghim, Y. C., Gibson, S., Gibson, K. J., Hall, S., Ham, C., Heiberg, N., Henderson, S. S., Highcock, E., Hnat, B., Howard, J., Huang, J., Irvine, S. W. A., Jacobsen, A. S., Jones, O., Katramados, I., Keeling, D., Kirk, A., Klimek, I., Kogan, L., Leland, J., Lipschultz, B., Lloyd, B., Lovell, J., Madsen, B., Marshall, O., Martin, R., McArdle, G., McClements, K., McMillan, B., Meakins, A., Meyer, H. F., Militello, F., Milnes, J., Mordijck, S., Morris, A. W., Moulton, D., Muir, D., Mukhi, K., Murphy-Sugrue, S., Myatra, O., Naylor, G., Naylor, P., Newton, S. L., O'Gorman, T., Omotani, J., O'Mullane, M. G., Orchard, S., Pamela, S. J. P., Pangione, L., Parra, F., Perez, R. V., Piron, L., Price, M., Reinke, M. L., Riva, F., Roach, C. M., Robb, D., Ryan, D., Saarelma, S., Salewski, M., Scannell, S., Schekochihin, A. A., Schmitz, O., Sharapov, S., Sharples, R., Silburn, S. A., Smith, S. F., Sperduti, A., Stephen, R., Thomas-Davies, N. T., Thornton, A. J., Turnyanskiy, M., Valovič, M., Van Wyk, F., Vann, R. G. L., Walkden, N. R., Waters, I. & Wilson, H. R., 5 Jun 2019

    Review article in Nuclear Fusion

  7. Radiative heat exhaust in Alcator C-Mod I-mode plasmas

    Reinke, M. L., Brunner, D., Golfinopoulos, T., Hubbard, A., Hughes, J. W., Kuang, A. Q., Labombard, B., Marmar, E. S., Mumgaard, R., Terry, J. L., Lore, J. D., Canik, J. & Cziegler, I., 8 Mar 2019

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  8. 2018
  9. Stochastic effects on phase-space holes and clumps in kinetic systems near marginal stability

    Woods, B. J. Q., Duarte, V. N., De-Gol, A. P., Gorelenkov, N. N. & Vann, R. G. L., 29 Jun 2018

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  10. Investigation into the formation of the scrape-off layer density shoulder in JET ITER-like wall L-mode and H-mode plasmas

    Wynn, A., Lipschultz, B., Cziegler, I., Harrison, J. R., Jaervinen, A. E., Matthews, G., Schmitz, J., Tal, B., Brix, M., Guillemaut, C., Frigione, D., Huber, A., Joffrin, E. H., Kruezi, U., Militello, F., Nielsen, A. D., Walkden, N. & Wiesen, S., 2 Mar 2018

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  11. Determination of volumetric plasma parameters from spectroscopic N II and N III line ratio measurements in the ASDEX Upgrade divertor

    Henderson, S. S., Bernert, M., Brezinsek, S., Carr, M., Cavedon, M., Dux, R., Lipschultz, B., O'Mullane, M. G., Reimold, F. & Reinke, M. L., 1 Jan 2018

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  12. Pedestal evolution physics in low triangularity JET tokamak discharges with ITER-like wall

    Bowman, C., Dickinson, D., Horvath, L., Lunniss, A. E., Wilson, H. R., Cziegler, I., Frassinetti, L., Gibson, K., Kirk, A., Lipschultz, B., Maggi, C. F., Roach, C. M., Saarelma, S., Snyder, P. B., Thornton, A. & Wynn, A., 1 Jan 2018

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  13. 2017
  14. TCV experiments towards the development of a plasma exhaust solution

    Reimerdes, H., Duval, B. P., Harrison, J. R., Labit, B., Lipschultz, B., Lunt, T., Theiler, C., Tsui, C. K., Verhaegh, K., Vijvers, W. A. J., Boedo, J. A., Calabro, G., Crisanti, F., Innocente, P., Maurizio, R., Pericoli, V., Sheikh, U. A., Spolare, M. & Vianello, N., 12 Sep 2017

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  15. Kinetic simulations of X-B and O-X-B mode conversion and its deterioration at high input power

    Arefiev, A. V., Dodin, I. Y., Köhn, A., Toit, E. J. D., Holzhauer, E., Shevchenko, V. F. & Vann, R. G. L., 9 Aug 2017

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  16. Modification of SOL profiles and fluctuations with line-average density and divertor flux expansion in TCV

    Vianello, N., Tsui, C., Theiler, C., Allan, S., Boedo, J. A., Labit, B., Reimerdes, H., Verhaegh, K. H. A., Vijvers, W. A. J., Walkden, N., Costea, S., Ionita, C., Naulin, V., Nielsen, A. H., J. Juul, R., Schneider, B., Schrittwieser, R., Spolaore, M., Carralero, D., Madsen, J. & 4 othersLipschultz, B., Militello, F., The TCV Team & The EUROfusion MST1 Team , 3 Aug 2017

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  17. Studies of the pedestal structure and inter-ELM pedestal evolution in JET with the ITER-like wall

    Maggi, C. F., Frassinetti, L., Horvath, L., Lunniss, A., Saarelma, S., Wilson, H., Flanagan, J., Leyland, M., Lupelli, I., Pamela, S., Urano, H., Garzotti, L., Lerche, E., Nunes, I. & Rimini, F. G., 3 Aug 2017

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  18. Overview of recent physics results from MAST

    Kirk, A., Dickinson, D., Dudson, B. D., Easy, L., Gibson, K., Imada, K., Leddy, J., Lipschultz, B., Reinke, M. L., Thomas, D. A., Vann, R. G. L., Walkden, N. R. & Wilson, H. R., 20 Jun 2017

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  19. Modeling of lithium granule injection in NSTX using M3D-C1

    Fil, A., Kolemen, E., Ferraro, N. M., Jardin, S., Parks, P. B., Lunsford, R. & Maingi, R., 6 Apr 2017

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  20. Results from recent detachment experiments in alternative divertor configurations on TCV

    Theiler, C., Lipschultz, B., Harrison, J., Labit, B., Reimerdes, H., Tsui, C., Vijvers, W. A. J., Boedo, J. A., Duval, B. P., Elmore, S., Innocente, P., Kruezi, U., Lunt, T., Maurizio, R., Nespoli, F., Sheikh, U., Thornton, A. J., Van Limpt, S. H. M., Verhaegh, K. & Vianello, N., 21 Mar 2017

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

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