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  1. 2019
  2. Field reconstruction from proton radiography of intense laser driven magnetic reconnection

    Palmer, C. A. J., Campbell, P. T., Ma, Y., Antonelli, L., Bott, A. F. A., Gregori, G., Halliday, J., Katzir, Y., Kordell, P., Krushelnick, K., Lebedev, S. V., Montgomery, E., Notley, M., Carroll, D. C., Ridgers, C. P., Schekochihin, A. A., Streeter, M. J. V., Thomas, A. G. R., Tubman, E. R., Woolsey, N. & 1 others, Willingale, L., Aug 2019

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  3. L-shell spectroscopy of neon and fluorine like copper ions from laser produced plasma

    Kaur, C., Chaurasia, S., Singh, N., Pasley, J., Aggarwal, S. & Mohan, M., 7 Feb 2019

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  4. 2018
  5. Tracking ultrafast dynamics of intense shock generation and breakout at target rear

    Shaikh, M., Jana, K., Lad, A. D., Dey, I., Roy, S., Sarkar, D., Ved, Y., Robinson, A. P. L., Pasley, J. R. & Kumar, G. R., 12 Nov 2018

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  6. Laser-driven strong magnetostatic fields with applications to charged beam transport and magnetized high energy-density physics

    Santos, J. J., Bailly-Grandvaux, M., Ehret, M., Arefiev, A. V., Batani, D., Beg, F. N., Calisti, A., Ferri, S., Florido, R., Forestier-Colleoni, P., Fujioka, S., Gigosos, M. A., Giuffrida, L., Gremillet, L., Honrubia, J. J., Kojima, S., Korneev, P., Law, K. F. F., Marquès, J. R., Morace, A. & 11 others, Mossé, C., Peyrusse, O., Rose, S., Roth, M., Sakata, S., Schaumann, G., Suzuki-Vidal, F., Tikhonchuk, V. T., Toncian, T., Woolsey, N. & Zhang, Z., 1 May 2018

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  7. A fast low-to-high confinement mode bifurcation dynamics in the boundary-plasma gyrokinetic code XGC1

    Ku, S., Chang, C. S., Hager, R., Churchill, R. M., Tynan, G. R., Cziegler, I., Greenwald, M., Hughes, J. W., Parker, S. E., Adams, M. F., D'Azevedo, E. & Worley, P., 18 Apr 2018

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  8. Probing ultrafast dynamics of solid-density plasma generated by high-contrast intense laser pulses

    Jana, K., Blackman, D. R., Shaikh, M., Lad, A. D., Sarkar, D., Dey, I., Robinson, A. P. L., Pasley, J. & Ravindra Kumar, G., 1 Jan 2018

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  9. 2017
  10. Simultaneous diagnosis of radial profiles and mix in NIF ignition-scale implosions via X-ray spectroscopy

    Ciricosta, O., Scott, H., Durey, P., Hammel, B. A., Epstein, R., Preston, T. R., Regan, S. P., Vinko, S. M., Woolsey, N. C. & Wark, J. S., 6 Nov 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  11. Nanometer-scale characterization of laser-driven compression, shocks, and phase transitions, by x-ray scattering using free electron lasers

    Kluge, T., Rödel, C., Rödel, M., Pelka, A., McBride, E. E., Fletcher, L. B., Harmand, M., Krygier, A., Higginbotham, A., Bussmann, M., Galtier, E., Gamboa, E., Garcia, A. L., Garten, M., Glenzer, S. H., Granados, E., Gutt, C., Lee, H. J., Nagler, B., Schumaker, W. & 4 others, Tavella, F., Zacharias, M., Schramm, U. & Cowan, T. E., 1 Oct 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  12. Time evolution and asymmetry of a laser produced blast wave

    Tubman, E. R., Scott, R. H. H., Doyle, H. W., Meinecke, J., Ahmed, H., Alraddadi, R. A. B., Bolis, R., Cross, J. E., Crowston, R., Doria, D., LAMB, L. D., Reville, B., Robinson, A. P. L., Tzeferacos, P., Borghesi, M., Gregori, G. & Woolsey, N. C., Oct 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  13. Testing nonlocal models of electron thermal conduction for magnetic and inertial confinement fusion applications

    Brodrick, J. P., Kingham, R., Marinak, M., Patel, M. V., Chankin, A., Omotani, J. T., Umansky, M. V., Del Sorbo, D., Dudson, B. D., Parker, J. T., Kerbel, G. D., Sherlock, M. & Ridgers, C. P., 6 Sep 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  14. Observation of extremely strong shock waves in solids launched by petawatt laser heating

    Lancaster, K. L., Robinson, A. P. L., Pasley, J., Hakel, P., Ma, T., Highbarger, K., Beg, F. N., Chen, S. N., Daskalova, R. L., Freeman, R. R., Green, J. S., Habara, H., Jaanimagi, P., Key, M. H., King, J., Kodama, R., Krushelnick, K., Nakamura, H., Nakatsutsumi, M., MacKinnon, A. J. & 4 others, MacPhee, A. G., Stephens, R. B., Van Woerkom, L. & Norreys, P. A., 25 Aug 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  15. Enhancement of keV X-rays from low-density cellulose triacetate (TAC) foam targets

    Chaurasia, S., Kaur, C., Borisenko, N. G., Pasley, J., Orekhov, A. & Deo, M. N., 1 Jul 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  16. Characterization of electrostatic shock in laser-produced optically-thin plasma flows using optical diagnostics

    Morita, T., Sakawa, Y., Kuramitsu, Y., Dono, S., Aoki, H., Tanji, H., Waugh, J. N., Gregory, C. D., Koenig, M., Woolsey, N. C. & Takabe, H., 27 Jun 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  17. Controlling femtosecond-laser-driven shock-waves in hot, dense plasma

    Adak, A., Singh, P. K., Blackman, D. R., Lad, A. D., Chatterjee, G., Pasley, J., Robinson, A. P. L. & Ravindra Kumar, G., 27 Jun 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  18. Mass selection in laser-plasma ion accelerator on nanostructured surfaces

    Dalui, M., Kundu, M., Sarkar, S., Tata, S., Pasley, J., Ayyub, P. & Krishnamurthy, M., 17 Jan 2017

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  19. 2016
  20. Edge localized mode rotation and the nonlinear dynamics of filaments

    Morales, J. A., Bécoulet, M., Garbet, X., Orain, F., Dif-Pradalier, G., Hoelzl, M., Pamela, S., Huijsmans, G. T. A., Cahyna, P., Fil, A., Nardon, E., Passeron, C. & Latu, G., 1 Apr 2016

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

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