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  1. 2006
  2. Evidence of photon acceleration by laser wake fields

    Murphy, C. D., Trines, R., Vieira, J., Reitsma, A. J. W., Bingham, R., Collier, J. L., Divall, E. J., Foster, P. S., Hooker, C. J., Langley, A. J., Norreys, P. A., Fonseca, R. A., Fiuza, F., Silva, L. O., Mendoņa, J. T., Mori, W. B., Gallacher, J. G., Viskup, R., Jaroszynski, D. A., Mangles, S. P. D. & 3 others, Thomas, A. G. R., Krushelnick, K. & Najmudin, Z., 14 Apr 2006

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  3. Streaked extreme ultraviolet imaging of the motion of low-Z foam buffered indirectly driven intermediate and high-Z payloads

    Pasley, J., Nilson, P., Willingale, L., Haines, M. G., Notley, M., Tolley, M., Neely, D., Nazarov, W. & Willi, O., 14 Apr 2006

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  4. 2005
  5. 2004
  6. Electronic conduction in shock-compressed water

    Celliers, P. M., Collins, G. W., Hicks, D. G., Koenig, M., Henry, E., Benuzzi-Mounaix, A., Batani, D., Bradley, D. K., Da Silva, L. B., Wallace, R. J., Moon, S. J., Eggert, J. H., Lee, K. K. M., Benedetti, L. R., Jeanloz, R., Masclet, I., Dague, N., Marchet, B., Rabec, M., Gloahec, L. & 5 others, Reverdin, C., Pasley, J., Willi, O., Neely, D. & Danson, C., 1 Aug 2004

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  7. Characterization of 7Li(p, n) 7Be neutron yields from laser produced ion beams for fast neutron radiography

    Lancaster, K., Karsch, S., Habara, H., Beg, F. N., Clark, E. L., Freeman, R., Key, M. H., King, J. A., Kodama, R., Krushelnick, K., Ledingham, K. W. D., McKenna, P., Murphy, C. D., Norreys, P. A., Stephens, R., Stöeckl, C., Toyama, Y., Wei, M. S. & Zepf, M., 1 Jul 2004

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  8. Experiment on collisionless plasma interaction with applications to supernova remnant physics

    Courtois, C., Grundy, R. A. D., Ash, A. D., Chambers, D. M., Woolsey, N. C., Dendy, R. O. & McClements, K. G., Jul 2004

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  9. Stability analysis of H-mode pedestal and edge localized modes in a Joint European Torus power scan

    Onjun, T., Kritz, A. H., Bateman, G., Parail, V., Wilson, H., Lonnroth, J., Huysmans, G. & Dnestrovskij, A., Apr 2004

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  10. Integrated implosion/heating studies for advanced fast ignition

    Norreys, P. A., Lancaster, K. L., Murphy, C. D., Habara, H., Karsch, S., Clarke, R. J., Collier, J. L., Heathcote, R., Hemandez-Gomez, C., Hawkes, S., Neely, D., Hutchinson, M. H. R., Evans, R. G., Borghesi, M., Romagnani, L., Zepf, M., Akli, K., King, J. A., Zhang, B., Freeman, R. R. & 12 others, MacKinnon, A. J., Hatchett, S. P., Patel, P., Snavely, R., Key, M. H., Nikroo, A., Stephens, R., Stoeckl, C., Tanaka, K. A., Norimatsu, T., Toyama, Y. & Kodama, R., 2004

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  11. Return current and proton emission from short pulse laser interactions with wire targets

    Beg, F. N., Wei, M. S., Clark, E. L., Dangor, A. E., Evans, R. G., Gibbon, P., Gopal, A., Lancaster, K. L., Ledingham, K. W. D., McKenna, P., Norreys, P. A., Tatarakis, M., Zepf, M. & Krushelnick, K., 2004

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  12. 2003
  13. High-confinement-mode edge stability of Alcator C-mod plasmas

    Mossessian, D. A., Snyder, P., Hubbard, A., Hughes, J. W., Greenwald, M., LaBombard, B., Snipes, J. A., Wolfe, S. & Wilson, H., May 2003

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  14. 2002
  15. Edge localized modes and the pedestal: A model based on coupled peeling-ballooning modes

    Snyder, P. B., Wilson, H. R., Ferron, J. R., Lao, L. L., Leonard, A. W., Osborne, T. H., Turnbull, A. D., Mossessian, D., Murakami, M. & Xu, X. Q., May 2002

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  16. Measurements of ultrastrong magnetic fields during relativistic laser-plasma interactions

    Tatarakis, M., Gopal, A., Watts, I., Beg, F. N., Dangor, A. E., Krushelnick, K., Wagner, U., Norreys, P. A., Clark, E. L., Zepf, M. & Evans, R. G., May 2002

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  17. Numerical studies of edge localized instabilities in tokamaks

    Wilson, H. R., Snyder, P. B., Huysmans, G. T. A. & Miller, R. L., Apr 2002

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  18. Response to "Comment on 'Collisionless shock and supernova remnant simulations on VULCAN' " [Phys. Plasmas 9, 727 (2002)]

    Woolsey, N. C., Ali, Y. A., Evans, R. G., Grundy, R. A. D., Pestehe, S. J., Carolan, P. G., Conway, N. J., Dendy, R. O., Helander, P., McClements, K. G., Kirk, J. G., Norreys, P. A., Notley, M. M. & Rose, S. J., Feb 2002

    Editorial in Physics of Plasmas

  19. 2001
  20. Resistive wall modes and nonuniform wall rotation

    Connor, J. W., Gimblett, C. G., Wilson, H. R. & Hastie, R. J., Sep 2001

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

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