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  1. 2021
  2. The Prevention of Delirium system of care for older patients admitted to hospital for emergency care: the POD research programme including feasibility RCT

    Young, J., Green, J., Godfrey, M., Smith, J., Cheater, F. M., Hulme, C., Collinson, M., Hartley, S., Anwar, S., Fletcher, M., Santorelli, G., Meads, D. M., Hurst, K., Siddiqi, N., Brooker, D., Teale, E., Brown, A., Forster, A., Farrin, A. & Inouye, S. K., 1 Apr 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  3. A facilitated home-based cardiac rehabilitation intervention for people with heart failure and their caregivers: a research programme including the REACH-HF RCT

    Dalai, H. M., Taylor, R. S., Wingham, J., Greaves, C., Jolly, K., Lang, C., Davis, R. C., Smith, K. M., Doherty, P. J., Miles, J., Van Lingen, R., Warren, F., Sadler, S., Abraham, C., Britten, N., Frost, J., Hillsdon, M., Singh, S., Hayward, C., Eyre, V. & 1 others, Paul, K., 1 Feb 2021

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  4. 2020
  5. Developing and evaluating packages to support implementation of quality indicators in general practice: the ASPIRE research programme, including two cluster RCTs

    Foy, R., Willis, T., Glidewell, L., Mceachan, R., Lawton, R., Meads, D. M., Collinson, M., Hunter, C., Hulme, C., West, R., Ward, V., Hartley, S., Carder, P., Alderson, S., Holland, M., Heudtlass, P., Bregantini, D., Schmitt, L. H. M., Clamp, S., Stokes, T. & 11 others, Ingleson, E., Rathfelder, M., Johnson, S., Richardson, J., Rushforth, B., Petty, D., Vargas-Palacios, A., Louch, G., Heyhoe, J., Watt, I. & Farrin, A., Apr 2020

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  6. 2019
  7. Antidepressant treatment with sertraline for adults with depressive symptoms in primary care: the PANDA research programme including RCT

    Duffy, L., Lewis, G., Ades, A. E., Araya, R., Bone, J., Brabyn, S., Button, K. S., Churchill, R., Croudace, T., Derrick, C., Dixon, P., Dowrick, C., Fawsitt, C., Fusco, L., Gilbody, S., Harmer, C., Hobbs, C., Hollingworth, W., Jones, V., Kendrick, T. & 18 others, Kessler, D., Khan, N., Kounali, D., Lanham, P., Malpass, A., Munafo, M., Pervin, J., Peters, T., Riozzie, D., Robinson, J., Salaminios, G., Sharp, D., Thom, H., Thomas, L., Welton, N., Wiles, N., Woodhouse, R. & Lewis, G., 19 Dec 2019

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  8. 2018
  9. Patient involvement in improving the evidence base on mental health inpatient care: the PERCEIVE programme

    Wykes, T. HM., Csipke, E., Rose, D. S., Jamieson-Craig, T. K., McCrone, P. R., Williams, P., Koeser, L. A. & Nash, S. B., Dec 2018

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  10. A web-based self-management programme for people with type 2 diabetes: the HeLP-Diabetes research programme including RCT

    Murray, E., Ross, J., Pal, K., Li, J., Dack, C., Stevenson, F., Sweeting, M., Parrott, S. J., Barnard, M., Yardley, L., Michie, S., May, C., Patterson, D., Alkhaldi, G., Fisher, B. L., Farmer, A. & O'Donnell, O., 7 Sep 2018

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  11. 2017
  12. Keeping Children Safe: a multicentre programme of research to increase the evidence base for preventing unintentional injuries in the home in the under-fives

    Kendrick, D., Ablewhite, J., Achana, F., Benford, P., Clacy, R., Coffey, F., Cooper, N., Coupland, C., Deave, T., Goodenough, T., Hawkins, A., Hayes, M., Hindmarch, P., Hubbard, S., Kay, B., Kumar, A., Majsak-Newman, G., McColl, E., McDaid, L., Miller, P. & 13 others, Mulvaney, C., Peel, I., Pitchforth, E., Reading, R., Saramago Goncalves, P. R., Stewart, J., Sutton, A., Timblin, C., Towner, E., Watson, M. C., Wynn, P., Young, B. & Zou, K., Aug 2017

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  13. The Rehabilitation Effectiveness for Activities for Life (REAL) study: A national programme of research into NHS inpatient mental health rehabilitation services across England

    Killaspy, H., King, M., Holloway, F., Jamieson-Craig, T. K., Cook, S., Mundy, T., Leavey, G., McCrone, P. R., Koeser, L. A., Omar, R., Marston, L., Arbuthnott, M., Green, N., Harrison, I., Lean, M., Gee, M. & Bhanbro, S., Mar 2017

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  14. 2016
  15. Development and evaluation of an intervention for the prevention of childhood obesity in a multiethnic population: the Born in Bradford applied research programme

    Wright, J., Fairley, L., McEachan, R., Bryant, M., Petherick, E., Sahota, P., Santorelli, G., Barber, S., Lawlor, D., Taylor, N., Bhopal, R., Cameron, N., West, J., Hill, A., Summerbell, C., Farrin, A., Ball, H., Brown, T., Farrar, D. & Small, N., May 2016

    Article in Programme Grants for Applied Research

  16. 2014

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