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  1. 2019
  2. Development of holistic episodic recollection

    Ngo, C. T., Horner, A. J., Newcombe, N. S. & Olson, I. R., 1 Nov 2019

    Article in Psychological Science

  3. A robust neural index of high face familiarity

    Wiese, H., Tüttenberg, S. C., Ingram, B. T., Chan, C. Y. X., Gurbuz, Z., Burton, A. M. & Young, A. W., 1 Feb 2019

    Article in Psychological Science

  4. 2018
  5. 2017
  6. 2016
  7. Ownership status influences the degree of joint facilitatory behaviour.

    Constable, M., Bayliss, A., Tipper, S. P., Spaniol, A. P., Pratt, J. & Welsh, T., 1 Sep 2016

    Article in Psychological Science

  8. 2015
  9. A lack of experience-dependent plasticity after more than a decade of recovered sight

    Huber, E., Webster, J. M., Brewer, A. A., MacLeod, D. I. A., Wandell, B. A., Boynton, G. M., Wade, A. R. & Fine, I., Apr 2015

    Article in Psychological Science

  10. Young children show the bystander effect in helping situations

    Ploetner, M., Over, H., Carpenter, M. & Tomasello, M., Apr 2015

    Article in Psychological Science

  11. 2014
  12. Sleep underpins the plasticity of language production

    Gaskell, M. G., Warker, J., Lindsay, S., Frost, R., Guest, J., Snowdon, R. & Stackhouse, A., Jul 2014

    Article in Psychological Science

  13. 2013
  14. Acute Anxiety Impairs Accuracy in Identifying Photographed Faces

    Attwood, A. S., Penton-Voak, I. S., Burton, A. M. & Munafò, M. R., Aug 2013

    Article in Psychological Science

  15. 2012
  16. Inspired by Distraction: Mind Wandering Facilitates Creative Incubation

    Baird, B., Smallwood, J., Mrazek, M. D., Kam, J. W. Y., Franklin, M. S. & Schooler, J. W., Oct 2012

    Article in Psychological Science

  17. 2011
  18. 2010
  19. 2009
  20. The Cutest Little Baby Face: A Hormonal Link to Sensitivity to Cuteness in Infant Faces

    Sprengelmeyer, R., Perrett, D. I., Fagan, E. C., Cornwell, R. E., Lobmaier, J. S., Sprengelmeyer, A., Aasheim, H. B. M., Black, I. M., Cameron, L. M., Crow, S., Milne, N., Rhodes, E. C. & Young, A. W., Feb 2009

    Article in Psychological Science

  21. 2008
  22. Talking about walking: biomechanics and the language of locomotion

    Malt, B. C., Gennari, S., Imai, M., Ameel, E., Tsuda, N. & Majid, A., Mar 2008

    Article in Psychological Science

  23. 2007
  24. 2006

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