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  1. New insights on lake sediment DNA from the catchment: importance of taphonomic and analytical issues on the record quality

    Giguet-covex, C., Ficetola, G. F., Walsh, K. J., Poulenard, J., Bajard, M., Fouinat, L., Sabatier, P., Gielly, L., Messager, E., Develle, A-L., David, F., Taberlet, P., Brisset, E., Guiter, F., Sinet, R. & Arnaud, F., 11 Oct 2019

    Article in Scientific Reports

  2. Observation of inhibited electron-ion coupling in strongly heated graphite

    White, T. G., Vorberger, J., Brown, C. R. D., Crowley, B. J. B., Davis, P., Glenzer, S. H., Harris, J. W. O., Hochhaus, D. C., Le Pape, S., Ma, T., Murphy, C. D., Neumayer, P., Pattison, L. K., Richardson, S., Gericke, D. O. & Gregori, G., 2012

    Article in Scientific Reports

  3. Origin of reduced magnetization and domain formation in small magnetite nanoparticles

    Nedelkoski, Z., Kepaptsoglou, D., Lari, L., Wen, T., Booth, R. A., Oberdick, S. D., Galindo, P. L., Ramasse, Q. M., Evans, R. F. L., Majetich, S. & Lazarov, V. K., 10 Apr 2017

    Article in Scientific Reports

  4. Phylogenomic approaches to determine the zoonotic potential of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) isolated from Zambian dairy cattle

    Mainda, G., Lupolova, N., Sikakwa, L., Bessell, P. R., Muma, J. B., Hoyle, D. V., McAteer, S. P., Gibbs, K., Williams, N. J., Sheppard, S. K., La Ragione, R. M., Cordoni, G., Argyle, S. A., Wagner, S., Chase-Topping, M. E., Dallman, T. J., Stevens, M. P., Bronsvoort, B. M. D. & Gally, D. L., 25 May 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  5. QED cascade saturation in extreme high fields

    Luo, W., Liu, W-Y., Yuan, T., Chen, M., Yu, J-Y., Li, F-Y., Del Sorbo, D., Ridgers, C. P. & Sheng, Z. M., 30 May 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  6. RNAi screening identifies Trypanosoma brucei stress response protein kinases required for survival in the mouse

    Fernandez-Cortes, F., Serafim, T. D., Wilkes, J. M., Jones, N. G., Ritchie, R., McCulloch, R. & Mottram, J. C., 21 Jul 2017

    Article in Scientific Reports

  7. Radiologists can detect the ‘gist’ of breast cancer before any overt signs of cancer appear

    Brennan, P., Gandomkar, Z., Ekpo, E., Tapia, K., Trieu, P., Lewis, S., Wolfe, J. & Evans, K., 7 Jun 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  8. Rational steering of insulin binding specificity by intra-chain chemical crosslinking

    Viková, J., Collinsová, M., Kletvíková, E., Budšínský, M., Záková, L., Veverka, V., Hexnerová, R., Aviñó, R. J. T., Straková, J., Selicharová, I., Vank, V., Wright, D. W., Watson, C. J., Turkenburg, J. P., Brzozowski, A. M. & Jiráek, J., 21 Jan 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  9. Realisation of magnetically and atomically abrupt half-metal/semiconductor interface: Co2FeSi0.5Al0.5/Ge(111): Co2FeSi0.5Al0.5/Ge(111)

    Nedelkoski, Z., Kuerbanjiang, B., Glover, S. E., Sanchez, A. M., Kepaptsoglou, D., Ghasemi, A., Burrows, C. W., Yamada, S., Hamaya, K., Ramasse, Q. M., Hasnip, P. J., Hase, T., Bell, G. R., Hirohata, A. & Lazarov, V. K., 21 Nov 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  10. Regulation of immunoproteasome function in the lung

    Keller, I. E., Vosyka, O., Takenaka, S., Kloß, A., Dahlmann, B., Willems, L. I., Verdoes, M., Overkleeft, H. S., Marcos, E., Adnot, S., Hauck, S. M., Ruppert, C., Günther, A., Herold, S., Ohno, S., Adler, H., Eickelberg, O. & Meiners, S., 19 May 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  11. Relationship between Plasmodium falciparum malaria prevalence, genetic diversity and endemic Burkitt lymphoma in Malawi

    Johnston, W. T., Mutalima, N., Sun, D., Emmanuel, B., Bhatia, K., Aka, P., Wu, X., Borgstein, E., Liomba, G. N., Kamiza, S., Mkandawire, N., Batumba, M., Carpenter, L. M., Jaffe, H., Molyneux, E. M., Goedert, J. J., Soppet, D., Newton, R. & Mbulaiteye, S. M., 17 Jan 2014

    Article in Scientific Reports

  12. Relativistic Doppler-boosted γ-rays in High Fields

    Capdessus, R., King, M., Del Sorbo, D., Duff, M. J., Ridgers, C. P. & McKenna, P., 14 Jun 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  13. SCUBA divers as oceanographic samplers: The potential of dive computers to augment aquatic temperature monitoring

    Wright, S., Hull, T., Sivyer, D. B., Pearce, D., Pinnegar, J. K., Sayer, M. D. J., Mogg, A. O. M., Azzopardi, E., Gontarek, S. & Hyder, K., 1 Jul 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  14. Sleep Preserves Physiological Arousal in Emotional Memory

    Ashton, J. E., Harrington, M. O., Guttesen, A. Á. V., Smith, A. K. & Cairney, S. A., 2 Apr 2019, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Scientific Reports

  15. Spatial resolution effect of light coupling structures

    Li, J., Li, K., Schuster, C., Su, R., Wang, X., Borges, B. H. V., Krauss, T. F. & Martins, E. R., 18 Dec 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  16. Spin canting across core/shell Fe3O4/MnxFe3−xO4 nanoparticles

    Oberdick, S. D., Abdelgawad, A., Moya, C., Mesbahi-Vasey, S., Kepaptsoglou, D., Lazarov, V. K., Evans, R. F. L., Meilak, D., Skoropata, E., van Lierop, J., Hunt-Isaak, I., Pan, H., Ijiri, Y., Krycka, K. L., Borchers, J. A. & Majetich, S. A., 21 Feb 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  17. Spin pumping in magnetic trilayer structures with an MgO barrier

    Baker, A. A., Figueroa, A. I., Pingstone, D., Lazarov, V. K., Van Der Laan, G. & Hesjedal, T., 18 Oct 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  18. Spin-Dependent Transport in Fe/GaAs(100)/Fe Vertical Spin-Valves

    Wong, P. K. J., Zhang, W., Wu, J., Will, I. G., Xu, Y., Xia, K., Holmes, S. N., Farrer, I., Beere, H. E. & Ritchie, D. A., 19 Jul 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  19. Spin-helix Larmor mode

    Karimi, S., Ullrich, C. A., D'Amico, I. & Perez, F., 22 Feb 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  20. Switching of Skyrmion chirality by local heating

    Nakatani, Y., Yamada, K. & Hirohata, A., 27 Aug 2019, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Scientific Reports

  21. Targeting deficiencies in the TLR5 mediated vaginal response to treat female recurrent urinary tract infection

    Ali, A. SM., Mowbray, C., Lanz, M., Stanton, A., Bowen, S., Varley, C. L., Hilton, P., Brown, K., Robson, W., Southgate, J., Aldridge, P., Tyson-Capper, A., Abraham, S., Pickard, R. & Hall, J., 8 Sep 2017

    Article in Scientific Reports

  22. Testing quantum mechanics in non-Minkowski space-time with high power lasers and 4th generation light sources

    Crowley, B. J. B., Bingham, R., Evans, R. G., Gericke, D. O., Landen, O. L., Murphy, C. D., Norreys, P. A., Rose, S. J., Tschentscher, T., Wang, C. H. T., Wark, J. S. & Gregori, G., 2012

    Article in Scientific Reports

  23. The 9p21.3 risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is explained by a rare high-impact variant in CDKN2A

    Vijayakrishnan, J., Henrion, M., Moorman, A. V., Fiege, B., Kumar, R., Inacio da Silva Filho, M., Holroyd, A., Koehler, R., Thomsen, H., Irving, J. A., Allan, J. M., Lightfoot, T., Roman, E., Kinsey, S. E., Sheridan, E., Thompson, P. D., Hoffmann, P., Nöthen, M. M., Mühleisen, T. W., Eisele, L. & 7 others, Bartram, C. R., Schrappe, M., Greaves, M., Hemminki, K., Harrison, C. J., Stanulla, M. & Houlston, R. S., 14 Oct 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  24. The C-terminal region of Trypanosoma cruzi MASPs is antigenic and secreted via exovesicles.

    De Pablos Torro, L. M., Diaz Lozano, I. M., Jercic, M. I., Quinzada, M., Giménez, M. J., Calabuig, E., Espino, A. M., Schijman, A. G., Zulantay, I., Apt, W. & Osuna, A., 8 Jun 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  25. The mechanism of catalysis by type-II NADH: quinone oxidoreductases

    Blaza, J. N., Bridges, H. R., Aragão, D., Dunn, E. A., Heikal, A., Cook, G. M., Nakatani, Y. & Hirst, J., 9 Jan 2017

    Article in Scientific Reports

  26. The putative tumour suppressor protein Latexin is secreted by prostate luminal cells and is downregulated in malignancy

    Seed, R. I., Taurozzi, A. J., Wilcock, D. J., Nappo, G., Erb, H. H. H., Read, M. L., Gurney, M., Archer, L. K., Ito, S., Rumsby, M. G., Petrie, J. L., Clayton, A., Maitland, N. J. & Collins, A. T., 26 Mar 2019

    Article in Scientific Reports

  27. Thermally nucleated magnetic reversal in CoFeB/MgO nanodots

    Meo, A., Chureemart, P., Wang, S., Chepulskyy, R., Apalkov, D., Chantrell, R. W. & Evans, R. F. L., 1 Dec 2017

    Article in Scientific Reports

  28. Time-resolved imaging of magnetic vortex dynamics using holography with extended reference autocorrelation by linear differential operator

    Bukin, N., McKeever, C., Burgos-Parra, E., Keatley, P. S., Hicken, R. J., Ogrin, F. Y., Beutier, G., Dupraz, M., Popescu, H., Jaouen, N., Yakhou-Harris, F., Cavill, S. A. & Van Der Laan, G., 31 Oct 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  29. Time-resolved measurements of fast electron recirculation for relativistically intense femtosecond scale laser-plasma interactions

    Green, J., Booth, N., Dance, R. J., Gray, R. J., MacLellan, D. A., McKenna, P., Murphy, C. D., Ridgers, C. P., Robinson, A., Rusby, D. R. & Wilson, L. A., 14 Mar 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  30. Towards universal quantum computation through relativistic motion

    Bruschi, D. E., Sabín, C., Kok, P., Johansson, G., Delsing, P. & Fuentes, I., 10 Feb 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

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