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  1. 2019
  2. Allostery in Its Many Disguises: From Theory to Applications

    Wodak, S. J., Paci, E., Dokholyan, N. V., Berezovsky, I. N., Horovitz, A., Li, J., Hilser, V. J., Bahar, I., Karanicolas, J., Stock, G., Hamm, P., Stote, R. H., Eberhardt, J., Chebaro, Y., Dejaegere, A., Cecchini, M., Changeux, J-P., Bolhuis, P. G., Vreede, J., Faccioli, P. & 19 others, Orioli, S., Ravasio, R., Yan, L., Brito, C., Wyart, M., Gkeka, P., Rivalta, I., Palermo, G., McCammon, J. A., Panecka-Hofman, J., Wade, R. C., Di Pizio, A., Niv, M. Y., Nussinov, R., Tsai, C-J., Jang, H., Padhorny, D., Kozakov, D. & McLeish, T., 7 Feb 2019, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Review article in Structure

  3. 2018
  4. 2017
  5. Structural basis for the interaction of a human small heat shock protein with the 14-3-3 universal signaling regulator

    Sluchanko, N. N., Beelen, S., Kulikova, A. A., Weeks, S. D., Antson, A. A., Gusev, N. B. & Strelkov, S. V., 7 Feb 2017

    Article in Structure

  6. 2016
  7. Structural Basis of Glycogen Biosynthesis Regulation in Bacteria

    Cifuente, J. O., Comino, N., Madariaga-Marcos, J., López-Fernández, S., García-Alija, M., Agirre, J., Albesa-Jové, D. & Guerin, M. E., 6 Sep 2016

    Article in Structure

  8. 2013
  9. Crystal structure of the O(2)-tolerant membrane-bound hydrogenase 1 from Escherichia coli in complex with its cognate cytochrome b

    Volbeda, A., Darnault, C., Parkin, A., Sargent, F., Armstrong, F. A. & Fontecilla-Camps, J. C., 8 Jan 2013

    Article in Structure

  10. 2012
  11. Structure of the human obesity receptor leptin-binding domain reveals the mechanism of leptin antagonism by a monoclonal antibody

    Carpenter, B., Hemsworth, G. R., Wu, Z., Maamra, M., Strasburger, C. J., Ross, R. J. & Artymiuk, P. J., 7 Mar 2012

    Article in Structure

  12. 2011
  13. Structure and activity of a novel archaeal β-CASP protein with N-terminal KH domains

    Silva, A. P. G., Chechik, M., Byrne, R. T., Waterman, D. G., Ng, C. L., Dodson, E. J., Koonin, E. V., Antson, A. A. & Smits, C., 11 May 2011

    Article in Structure

  14. 2010
  15. 2009
  16. "Conditional Restraints": Restraining the Free Atoms in ARP/wARP

    Mooij, W. T. M., Cohen, S. X., Joosten, K., Murshudov, G. N. & Perrakis, A., 13 Feb 2009

    Article in Structure

  17. 2005
  18. dUTPase as a platform for antimalarial drug design: Structural basis for the selectivity of a class of nucleoside inhibitors

    Whittingham, J. L., Leal, I., Nguyen, C., Kasinathan, G., Bell, E., Jones, A. F., Berry, C., Benito, A., Turkenburg, J. P., Dodson, E. J., Perez, L. M. R., Wilkinson, T., Johansson, N. G., Brun, R., Gilbert, I. H., Pacanowska, D. G. & Wilson, K. S., 8 Feb 2005

    Article in Structure

  19. Benefits of automated crystallization plate tracking, imaging, and analysis

    Berry, I., Diprose, J., Esnouf, R., Harlos, K., Jones, E. Y., Mayo, C., Owens, R., Stuart, D., Walter, T. & Wilson, J. C., Feb 2005

    Article in Structure

  20. 2004
  21. Novel catalytic mechanism of glycoside hydrolysis based on the structure of an NAD(+)/Mn2+-dependent phospho-alpha-glucosidase from Bacillus subtilis

    Rajan, S. S., Yang, X. J., Collart, F., Yip, V. L. Y., Withers, S. G., Varrot, A., Thompson, J., Davies, G. J. & Anderson, W. F., Sep 2004

    Article in Structure

  22. Ab initio structure determination and functional characterization of CBM36: A new family of calcium-dependent carbohydrate binding modules

    Jamal-Talabani, S., Boraston, A. B., Turkenburg, J. P., Tarbouriech, N., Ducros, V. M. A. & Davies, G. J., Jul 2004

    Article in Structure

  23. The crystal structure of Trypanosoma cruzi dUTPase reveals a novel dUTP/dUDP binding fold

    Harkiolaki, M., Dodson, E. J., Bernier-Villamor, V., Turkenburg, J. P., Gonzalez-Pacanowska, D. & Wilson, K. S., Jan 2004

    Article in Structure

  24. 2003
  25. Pound-wise but penny-foolish: how well do micromolecules fare in macromolecular refinement?

    Kleywegt, G. J., Henrick, K., Dodson, E. J. & van Aalten, D. M. F., 2 Sep 2003

    Article in Structure

  26. Structural basis for ligand binding and processivity in cellobiohydrolase Cel6A from Humicola insolens

    Varrot, A., Frandsen, T. P., von Ossowski, I., Boyer, V., Cottaz, S., Driguez, H., Schulein, M. & Davies, G. J., Jul 2003

    Article in Structure

  27. 2002
  28. 2001
  29. The structure of the feruloyl esterase module of xylanase 10B from Clostridium thermocellum provides insights into substrate recognition

    Prates, J. A. M., Tarbouriech, N., Charnock, S. J., Fontes, C. M. G. A., Ferreira, L. M. A. & Davies, G. J., Dec 2001

    Article in Structure

  30. Structural insights into the mode of action of a pure antiestrogen

    Pike, A. C. W., Brzozowski, A. M., Walton, J., Hubbard, R. E., Thorsell, A. G., Li, Y. L., Gustafsson, J. A. & Carlquist, M., 7 Feb 2001

    Article in Structure

  31. 2000
  32. A new variant of the Ntn hydrolase fold revealed by the crystal structure of L-aminopeptidase D-Ala-esterase/amidase from Ochrobactrum anthropi

    Bompard-Gilles, C., Villeret, V., Davies, G. J., Fanuel, L., Joris, B., Frere, J. M. & Van Beeumen, J., 15 Feb 2000

    Article in Structure

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