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  1. 2019
  2. 2015
  3. Constructing random matrices to represent real ecosystems

    James, A., Plank, M. J., Rossberg, A. G., Beecham, J., Emmerson, M. & Pitchford, J. W., May 2015

    Article in The American Naturalist

  4. 2014
  5. Disease Epidemiology in Arthropods Is Altered by the Presence of Nonprotective Symbionts

    Ryder, J. J., Hoare, M-J., Pastok, D., Bottery, M. J., Boots, M., Fenton, A., Atkinson, D., Knell, R. J. & Hurst, G. D. D., Mar 2014

    Article in The American Naturalist

  6. 2013
  7. Bourgeois behaviour and freeloading in the colonial orb-web spider Parawixia bistriata (Araneae, Araneidae)

    Wenseleers, T., Bacon, J., Alves, D. A., Couvillon, M. J., Kärcher, M., Nascimento, F. S., Nogueira-Neto, P., Robinson, E. J. H., Tofilski, A. & Ratnieks, F. L. W., Jun 2013

    Article in American Naturalist

  8. 2012
  9. Distinguishing Social from Nonsocial Navigation in Moving Animal Groups

    Bode, N. W. F., Franks, D. W., Wood, A. J., Piercy, J. J. B., Croft, D. P. & Codling, E. A., May 2012

    Article in American Naturalist

  10. 2011
  11. 2010
  12. The Evolution of Host-Parasite Range

    Best, A., White, A., Kisdi, E., Antonovics, J., Brockhurst, M. A. & Boots, M., 1 Jul 2010

    Article in American Naturalist

  13. 2009
  14. 2008
  15. Preemptive Defensive Self-Sacrifice by Ant Workers

    Tofilski, A., Couvillon, M. J., Evison, S. E. F., Helantera, H., Robinson, E. J. H. & Ratnieks, F. L. W., Nov 2008

    Article in American Naturalist

  16. 2005
  17. The effect of recycling on plant competitive hierarchies

    Clark, B. R., Hartley, S. E., Suding, K. N. & de Mazancourt, C., Jun 2005

    Article in American Naturalist

  18. 2004
  19. 2003
  20. On the heritability of geographic range sizes

    Webb, T. J. & Gaston, K. J., Apr 2003

    Article in The American Naturalist

  21. Dynamics of the caring family

    Hardling, R., Kokko, H. & Arnold, K. E., Mar 2003

    Article in American Naturalist

  22. 1998
  23. 1996
  24. 1995
  25. 1992
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