1. 2021
  2. The Effect of Co-Payments on the Take-Up of Prenatal Tests

    Di Giacomo, M., Piacenza, M., Siciliani, L. & Turati, G., 1 Jan 2022

    Article in Journal of Health Economics

  3. Recent Developments of the Autoregressive Distributed Lag Modelling Framework

    Greenwood-Nimmo, M., Cho, J. & Shin, Y., 3 Aug 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Journal of Economic Surveys

  4. Corona-regionalism? Differences in regional responses to COVID-19 in Italy

    Bosa, I., Castelli, A., Castelli, M., Ciani, O., Compagni, A., Galizzi, M. M., Garofano, M., Ghislandi, S., Giannoni, M., Marini, G. & Vainieri, M., 31 Jul 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Health Policy

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