1. Sibling Bullying of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Longitudinal Cohort Study

    Toseeb, U., McChesney, G., Oldfied, J. & Wolke, D.


    Project: Research collaboration

  2. CDI-UK words & sentences

    Alcock, K., Said, F. F. S. & Nielsen, D.

    5/02/18 → …

    Project: Research collaborationUK Research Councils

  3. Quantum Ambassadors in schools

    Bennett, J., Turkenburg, M. G. W. & Whitehouse, M.


    Project: ResearchUK Research Councils

  4. A Pilot Study on the effects of Lexilogy-English Computer Program on Poor Reading & Spelling.

    Pavlidou, E., Tijms, J. & hoette, H.


    Project: Internal pump-priming

  5. OASIS: ESRC IAA Project: Enabling and Extending Engagement with Research: Open Accessible Summaries of Research in Language Studies (OASIS)

    Marsden, E., Said, F. F. S., Marsden, H., Bowyer-Crane, C. A., Kasprowicz, R. E., O'Reilly, D., Bailey, E., Andringa, S., Colins, L., Graham, S., JACKSON, C. N. & McManus, K.


    Project: ResearchUK Research Councils

  6. Evaluation of the University of York GCSE Tutoring programme

    Hancock, S.


    Project: Other internal award

  7. Validating CAML-Dyslexia identification test battery in Sri Lanka

    Indrarathne, B.

    1/10/17 → …

    Project: Project from former institutionUK Charity

  8. Model of Teacher Success: Framework Validation Project

    Durksen, T. & Klassen, R.


    Project: Research collaboration

  9. Resilience to Adverse Mental Health Outcomes in Children with Language Impairment (LI)

    Toseeb, U., Fradley, K., Oldfied, J. & Marshall, J.


    Project: Studentship (departmental)

  10. Lexia: efficacy Trial

    Tracey, L., Elliott, L. & Fairhurst, C. M.


    Project: Research