1. SifPT-e: Evaluation of 'Science is for Parents Too' 2016/2017

    Turkenburg, M. G. W.


    Project: Research collaborationUK Charity

  2. Evaluation of the Realising Opportunities programme

    Hancock, S. & Wakeling, P.


    Project: Research collaboration

  3. Evaluation of the University of York GCSE Tutoring programme

    Hancock, S.


    Project: Other internal award

  4. I-L3ARN iOS Application: Pilot Study

    Pavlidou, E., Williams, J., Wilson-Kay, A. & Lanvin, S.

    1/01/16 → …

    Project: Project from former institutionEU Other

  5. Identity perceptions amongst international postgraduate students in the UK

    Taylor, F., Lamb, M. & Hearnden, M.


    Project: Research collaboration

  6. Implicit Learning in Specific Developmental Disorders

    Pavlidou, E., Williams, J. & Pugh, K.


    Project: Project from former institutionEU Other

  7. Improving the Evaluation of Outreach

    Crawford, C. & Hancock, S.


    Project: Research