1. Network on intrapersonal research in education

    Klassen, R. & Malmberg, L.


    Project: Miscellaneous project

  2. Putting Evidence to Work in School

    Chambers, B. & Hardman (Abd-Kadir), J.


    Project: Research

  3. Lad culture in higher education: Exploring staff perspectives

    Sundaram, V. & Jackson, C.


    Project: Research

  4. Self-efficacy and learning disability interventions

    Aro, M. & Klassen, R.

    1/01/13 → …

    Project: Research collaboration

  5. Understanding pupils' achievement, wellbeing and decision making as they prepare

    Asbury, K. & Plomin, R.


    Project: Project from former institution

  6. Implicit Learning in Specific Developmental Disorders

    Pavlidou, E., Williams, J. & Pugh, K.


    Project: Project from former institutionEU Other