1. Temporal Aspects of Gaze Perception in Autism.

    Bruno, A. M. & Baker, D. H.


    Project: ResearchUK Charity

  2. Experimental Philosophy of Perception

    Allen, K. M. & Quinlan, P. T.


    Project: Internal pump-priming

  3. The effects of photobiomodulation therapy on vision

    Baseler, H., Scott, M. T. W. & Jeffery, G.


    Project: Studentship (central)

  4. SYNAPTIC: Structural, Functional and Chemical Assessments of the Visual Pathway in Vision Loss

    Baseler, H., Woodall, R. L., Bridge, H., Emir, U. & Morland, A.


    Project: Studentship (central)UK Research Councils

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