1. ARISE: ARISE Accountability in Urban Health

    Teixeira De Siqueira Filha, N., Elsey, H., Theobald, S., Tolhurst, R. & Mazumdar, S.

    Project: Research project (funded)Research

  2. Meaningful Objects and Comforting Things (research collaboration)

    Spikins, P., Debus, D., Wright, B. J. D. & Bell, T.

    Project: Other projectResearch collaboration

  3. Revisiting Regulatory T cells in type 1 diabetes

    Green, A.

    Project: Other project (funded)Restricted grant

  4. Schools as a Setting for Reducing Risk Factors for Non-communicable Diseases

    Bay, J. L., Dixon, R., Mason-Jones, A. J., Siddiqi, K., Woods-Townsend, K., Shirley, D., Brown, B., Huque, R., Hipkins, R., Tairea, K., Herrmann, U., Oyamada, M., Lim, G., Herman, H., Pauuvale, A., Pokino, M. & Tu'akoi, S.

    Project: Other projectResearch collaboration

  5. UK CHIC: The UK Collaborative HIV Cohort Study

    Sabin, C. & Martin, F.

    Project: Research project (funded)Research

  6. Linking innate immune memory to macrophage phagocytosis

    Kourtzelis, I.



    Project: Research project (funded)Research

  7. Personalising Mental Health Treatments for Young People Using Machine Intelligence (ProMetheUs)

    Tiffin, P. A., Ratcliffe, M. J., Churchill, R., Gilbody, S., Kreif, N., Wright, B. J. D., McMillan, D., Cussens, J., Gega, L., Paton, L. W., Habli, I., Tino, P., Coghill, D., Delgadillo, J., Kennedy, E., Dennis, S., Downs, J., Wilkinson, P., James, T., Sayal, K., Lakin, R. & Howes, A.

    1/03/20 → …

    Project: Other projectOther internal award

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