1. SYNAPTIC: Structural, Functional and Chemical Assessments of the Visual Pathway in Vision Loss

    Baseler, H., Woodall, R. L., Bridge, H., Emir, U. & Morland, A.


    Project: Research project (funded)Studentship (central)

  2. CIVIL: Case Investigations of Vision Loss

    Baseler, H., Morland, A. & Woodall, R. L.


    Project: Other projectResearch collaboration

  3. RemMon: Low cost, long-term measurement of motor activity and REM sleep.

    Wade, A., Cairney, S. A., Margary, T., Weighall, A., Bandmann, O., McNeill, A. & Burke, M.


    Project: Research project (funded)Research

  4. C2D2 Engagement 6a - Mental Health: Pasts, Current, Trends & Futures

    Bhattacharya, S., Wade, A., Kerrigan, P., Kishore, R., Peel, S. & Romero Sa, M.


    Project: Other projectOther internal award

  5. Vision4Vision: A collaboration between four international vision laboratories

    Baseler, H., Morland, A., Wade, A., Cornelissen, F. W., Greenlee, M. W. & Hoffmann, M.


    Project: Other projectResearch collaboration

  6. Hyperpolarisation using SABRE as a new tool for imaging

    Duckett, S. B. & Green, G. G. R.


    Project: Research project (funded)Research

  7. Assessing the benefit of Ranibizumab treatment for Age- related Macular Degeneration

    Baseler, H. & Morland, A.


    Project: Other projectResearch collaboration