Anwen Jones


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Anwen joined the Centre in 1997 to work on a Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded study of young people's housing and employment in rural areas. Since then her research interests have developed to include: homelessness, the housing needs of ex-offenders, anti-social behaviour and domestic violence. She has completed research on women's experiences of homelessness for Crisis; access to GPs and general medical services for people sleeping rough for the Department of Health; the provision of life skills straining to homeless people for Scottish Homes; on good practice in tackling anti-social behaviour in mixed tenure areas for the ODPM; on a review of initiatives to prevent homelessness for the National Assembly for Wales and a study examining the concept of daytime homelessness and the extent and nature of daytime provision for homeless people for CRISIS.

Anwen has also conducted research on the housing and support needs of single people in South Wales and worked with Nicholas Pleace and Deborah Quilgars on the evaluation of Shelter's resettlement service for homeless families and on an evaluation of Shelter Inclusion Project, a service for perpetrators of anti-social behaviour. Anwen has worked on a number of European comparative studies on financial literacy and inclusion and on homelessness. She was also part of the OSIS research team which studied security and insecurity aspects of home ownership in nine European member states. Anwen has completed work on homelessness among ex-service personnel in London for ESAG; on LA allocations and lettings policies (with Heriot Watt) and was part of a team (led by NatCen) examining evidence of good practice in meeting the needs of ex-offenders for CLG.  She has also worked in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University on an evaluation of Housing Benefit Sanctions for perpetrators of anti-social behaviour for the Department for Work and Pensions and on interventions to tackle anti-social behaviour in mixed tenure areas for DCLG. 

Anwen has also worked on a number of EU funded comparative research projects on homelessness; home ownership and housing wealth. Anwen was the principal investigator on the first national evaluation of Sanctuary Schemes for households at risk of domestic violence for DCLG. She has worked on evaluations of two Shelter services for ex-offenders and has recently completed two studies for the National End of Life Care Programme. Anwen is currently working on an evaluation of a new homelessness prevention initiative developed by Commonweal Landlords which is being piloted by Thames Reach and Catch 22. She is also working with Alison Wallace on a study examining the impact of falling house prices on low income homeowners in Northern Ireland.

Research interests

Homelessness, rough sleeping and the prevention of homelessness; domestic violence; housing and ex-offenders, anti-social behaviour, home ownership and end of life care.