Cheti Nicoletti


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I would be happy to supervise dissertations in applied micro-econometrics and especially on family economics, labour economics, education, child outcomes, inequalities, intergenerational mobility, health economics, peer effects, social network, endogeneity problems, sample selection issues and measurement errors.

Potential examples of topics are:
- Child’s health and educational outcomes
- School peer effects
- Evaluation of the effect of policy interventions (e.g. smoking bans, education maintenance allowance, etc.)
- The gender or ethnic gap in wages (housework, labour participation, or university choices, or occupational choices)
- Intergenerational transmission of socio-economic outcomes (or health behaviours or personality traits).
- Socioeconomic background and school achievements
- Assortative matching: similarities between spouses’ characteristics
- Determinants of satisfaction with job, income, house, etc.

Familiarity with basic estimation techniques using Stata and experience in working with sample surveys will be desirable.


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