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David Edward Bruschi


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Relativistic quantum Information;
Weight of entanglement;
Quantum thermodynamics for relativistic quantum systems.

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I am interested in phenomena that occur at the overlap of relativity and quantum physics.

Quantum Information, an aera of Physics based on Quantum Mechanics, aims at understanding the nature of information and correlations in the quantum world. One of its main tasks is to investigate how to create, manipulate, transmit, store and retrieve entanglement , a paradigmatic resource for Quantum Information tasks. Quantum Mechanics has so far proved to be sufficient as the texture of this area of research however, cutting edge experiments and applications have reached the regimes where relativity starts playing a role. 

Relativity concerns phenomena that occur at large scales in gravitational fields or systems that move at relativistic speeds and it is but natural to ask what are the effects of relativity on quantum informations processes that can be performed between Earth and satellites or within small cavities moving close to the speed of light.

Relativistic Quantum Information, a recently developed and rapidly expanding field of research, aims at investigating the phenomena that occur at the overlap of quantum physics and relativity. In particular, the focus is on understanding how entanglement is affeceted when two (or more) parties try to create and share it in the presence of relativistic effects.

Employment History

2013-2015: Research Associate, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

2012-2013: Research Associate, University of Leeds, United Kindom.

2008-2012: PhD in Mathematics, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

2005-2008: MSC summa cum Laude, Universita` degli Studi di Bologna, Italy.

2002-2005: BSc summa cum Laude, Universita` degli Studi di Bologna, Italy.


  • QC Physics
  • Relativistic Quantum Information