Hermes Gadelha

Hermes Gadelha


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PhD projects

1) Molecular motor dynamics: dynein oscillations and self-organization

2) Hydrodynamic synchronization of motors/phase oscillators.

3) Mathematical modelling of human sperm rheotaxis and chemotaxis. Is the female tract selecting or guiding sperm cells? the role of the -taxis and peristalsis

4)The mechanics of filament-bundles and flagella

5)Global warming, sex determination and crocadilian survivorship

6) Membrane separation processes in water desalination

7) Flexive and propulsive dynamics of passive biofilaments in viscous fluids

8) Robot swimming and synthetic fluid propellers

9)Pattern formation in Hele-Shaw cells

Personal profile

Research interests

My research focuses on developing quantitative models for novel questions and unexplained phenomena in a broad range of physical systems. Currently, I am inspired by mathematical problems found in biology, soft matter and industry,

encompassing areas in

small-scale and biological fluid mechanics

solid mechanics and elasticity

transport phenomena

mathematical biology 

pattern formation.

I use a combination of analytical derivations, asymptotic analysis, numerical computations and empirical investigation in

animal fertilization and sperm motility

flagellar dynamics

self-organization and molecular motors dynamics

cytoskeletal filaments and filament bundles

synthetic propellers and bio-inspired swimmers

membrane separation processes 

interfacial flows.

Further information can be found here.

External positions

Honorary Research Fellow, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, Univ. of Birmingham

1 Jan 201731 Dec 2019

EPSRC Early Career Forum member in Mathematics, EPSRC

1 Oct 20161 Sept 2017