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Jenny Roe


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I currently first supervise 3 PhDs:
Amanda Nioi, Heriot Watt University, EPSRC funded PhD in blue light and wellbeing; Josie Grant, Heriot Watt University, NHS funded PhD in AMD (Advanced Macular Degeneration) and wayfinding; Jamie Hamilton, Heriot Watt University, Forestry Commission funded PhD in outdoor education and literacy.
I second supervise two PhDs on the theme of wellbeing and liveable cities. I offer PhD research on any aspect of environment and wellbeing but with a focus on therapeutic and health-improving settings (indoors and out) in a variety of cultural contexts.

Personal profile


Dr Jenny Roe is a Senior Research Leader for the Stockholm Environment Institute (from August 2013), formerly a Lecturer within School of the Built Environment, Heriot Watt University and Research Fellow with the University of Edinburgh.  She is an Environmental Psychologist and Landscape architect with expertise in restorative environments and salutogenic (health improving) environments focusing on deprived urban cities.  Dr Roe is also affiliated to VisionCentre3, an Edinburgh NHS research centre researching quality of life and inclusive environments for people with visual impairment.  Prior to an academic career in health, she was Principal Landscape Architect and Associate Director in a multi-disciplinary architectural practice in London specialising in social housing, educational and healthcare design.  Her blog postings and films can be found at


Current projects include:

  • Flourish - a 9-month pilot project exploring wellbeing in older people funded by the Technology Strategy Board’s through the Long Term Care Revolution.
  • Mood, mobility and place - A 3-year EPSRC research project exploring how places can be designed collaboratively to make mobility easy, enjoyable and meaningful for older people.
  • Woods in and Around Towns (WIAT) - A 4-year longitudinal study, funded by the NIHR, exploring the impact of environmental interventions on  psychological wellbeing and stress levels of people living in deprived urban communities.  
  • The Therapeutic Campus: a University of York inter-disciplinary project mapping therapeutic affordances of campus settings with a view to improving student wellbeing




  • BF Psychology
  • health sustaining cities
  • quality of life
  • enabling environments
  • restorative environments
  • health and wellbeing
  • blue light
  • green infrastructure