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  • 2008

    Heating of solid target in electron refluxing dominated regime with ultra-intense laser

    Nakatsutsumi, M., Kodama, R., Aglitskiy, Y., Akli, K. U., Batani, D., Baton, S. D., Beg, F. N., Benuzzi-Mounaix, A., Chen, S. N., Clark, D., Davies, J. R., Freeman, R. R., Fuchs, J., Green, J. S., Gregory, C. D., Guillou, P., Habara, H., Heathcote, R., Hey, D. S., Highbarger, K., & 23 othersJaanimagi, P., Key, M. H., Koenig, M., Krushelnick, K., Lancaster, K., Loupias, B., Ma, T., Macphee, A., Mackinonn, A. J., Mima, K., Morace, A., Nakamura, H., Norryes, P. A., Piazza, D., Rousseaux, C., Stephans, R. B., Storm, M., Tampo, M., Theobald, W., Woerkom, L. V., Weber, R. L., Wei, M. S. & Woolsey, N. C., 2008, 5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INERTIAL FUSION SCIENCES AND APPLICATIONS (IFSA2007). Azechi, H., Hammel, B. & Gauthier, JC. (eds.). BRISTOL: IOP Publishing, p. - 4 p.

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