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Chemistry is used to synthesis molecules for a variety of purposes such as materials and medicines. Synthetic chemists with target molecules to make, require a toolbox of reliable, robust transformations that will produce their target molecules in high yield, high selectivity and low cost.

One of the major challenges in synthesising organic molecules are producing carbons with 4 bonds to different groups or atoms, known as chiral centres. These can exist in two form, a left handed and right handed form. Efficient and easy to use methods to synthesise chiral carbons solely in one form can become a major stumbling block for chemists with target molecules containing these types of bonds.

My research interests lie in using catalysts that will convert non-chiral molecules into chiral ones existing on only one form of handedness, through the course of a reaction. Only a small amount of catalysts are required and they can allow the reaction to proceed under mild conditions meaning they are cheap and easy ways to make chiral centres.

My invovles developing catalytic variants of known reactions that can be used to produce chiral centres. There are two broad themes within this:

1) Develop conceptually new ways that catalyst operate to activate molecules.

2) Ensure that the cataylsts are cheap and the reactions are easy to perform.

By matcing these two criteria, we are developing catalytic reactions to produce chiral centres that will provide great use to those with important target molecules to make.