Personal profile

Research interests

Cultural economic geographer with broad interests in digital work, the creative economy, affective and aesthetic labour, gig work and the platform economy. In particular, I have a passion for exploring the lived experiences of workers within emerging sectors of the digital, creative industries. I am an experienced qualitative researcher with an interest in online research methods such as netnography. 

I recently completed a PhD which focused on exploring the work-lives, work-spaces, career-building strategies, and livelihoods of freelance gig workers in the creative economy, explored through the case study of travel bloggers from the UK immediately prior to COVID lockdown. 

I currently co-lead a research project around virtual production as part of XR Stories. This project is examining the pros and cons of virtual production, how virtual production alters established production workflows and their geographies, and how virtual production might engage with structural problems in the film and TV industry.