Advanced Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle Charging

Project: Research project (funded)Studentship (departmental)

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Since the Society of Automobile Engineers launched the industry-wide specification guideline J2954 for wireless charging of light duty electric vehicles (EVs), research activities on interoperability, optimum performance, electromagnetic compatibility, safety and testing of wireless power transfer (WPT) in EVs are intensified over the last few years. The guideline J2954 calls for an operating frequency of 85 kHz and power levels of 3.7 kW, 7.7 kW, 11.0 kW and 22.0 kW, but other operating frequencies and power levels (e.g., above 50 kW) are not discussed. Besides, safety issues, such as human exposure to electromagnetic fields, are not included in the proposal. This study will focus on the emerging WPT technologies to solve the current and future issues of high power WPT in EVs with emphasis on electromagnetic compatibility and safety.
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