Arabic Discourse Patterns in Natural Conversation

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Project Details


The project seeks to understand discourse patterns of Arabic speakers. The data collected is of naturally occurring conversations that take place over coffee or social gatherings. The speakers come from different Arabic speaking countries and so bring to the conversation their dialects and socio-cultural knowledge. In this context, the project aims to investigate the discourse patterns of Arabic speakers compared to those of other languages (we already have a corpus of naturalistic conversational data on another 6 languages). We look for similarities, differences and unique patterns that occur in Arabic. The findings will contribute to the understanding of discourse patterns interculturally and cross-culturally.

Layman's description

The project aims to understand how speakers of Arabic interact with one another, how they take their turns in conversation, how they interrupt one another and how they respond to both verbal and non-verbal communication from their fellow speakers. The data will help us understand how speakers of Arabic communicate and it will also help us compare their conversational patterns with those from other languages.
Effective start/end date1/05/161/12/16