Artificial Intelligence-Backed Automation for Detecting Cracks in Solar Cells

Project: Research project (funded)Studentship (departmental)

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Asphalt is the surfacing material for over 95% of all UK roads and footpaths, playgrounds, cycleways, and car parks. A solar roadway is any road with some solar panel technology attached to its surface, thus generating electricity while supporting the cars and trucks (Electric Vehicles) that drive on it. While an exciting and innovative way to create solar power, solar roadways are far from being a practical, cost-effective energy production method. Therefore, in this project, we plan to investigate, practically perform, and realistically develop the first "York Solar Road". The project is required to test various solar cell technologies in the solar road deployment and study their degradation, durability, safety, and reliability mechanism. In addition, it is a requirement to apply different machine learning models to learn, identify patterns, and make suitable decisions on fault classification and detection associated with the developed technology.
Effective start/end date3/10/2230/09/25