CFH1b KIT - Targeting epigenetic reader proteins to develop new drugs for Leishmaniasis

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Bromodomain factors, BDFs, are proteins that are crucial for the regulation of gene expression. BDFs have been demonstrated as drug targets for treatment of cancers, and a large body of knowledge exists for how to therapeutically inhibit them. We are investigating these proteins as potential drug targets in the human pathogen, Leishmania, which causes disease in up to 1.6 million people per year. This project develops an existing collaboration between the University of York and GSK. At the University of York, we have identified which bromodomains of Leishmania are potential drug targets using genetic methods. We will supply recombinant bromodomain proteins to GSK for high-throughput chemical profiling to identify potential inhibitors of Leishmania BDFs. In York we will then evaluate these compounds against the parasite in vitro and in vivo to progress towards potential new treatments for leishamaniasis.
Effective start/end date1/02/1831/01/19