CFH1b Partnership - Building a Partnership for Cognitive Neuroscience between the University of York and Maastricht University

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Cognitive Neuroscience examines the relationship between the structure, function and chemistry of the brain and the behaviour of the whole organism. Cognitive Neuroscience research on humans is crucially dependent on neuroimaging methods that allow for non-invasive characterization of the human brain. Neuroimaging methods have advanced such that measures of function can be achieved at high temporal and spatial resolution, making it possible to identify when and where processes in the brain occur. At York and Maastricht there are international strengths in Cognitive Neuroscience that provide excellent opportunities to collaborate. We propose to set up a workshop for those using neuroimaging at York and Maastricht. The workshop will emphasize the additional value that researchers can gain from exploiting high temporal (at York) and spatial (at Maastricht) resolution measurements. It is only through high spatial and temporal resolution measures that a fuller understanding of the brain can be reached.

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This project will commence soon.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/21