CFH2a Priming - A new approach to stroke aphasia rehabilitation

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Deficits of cognitive control are thought to contribute to comprehension problems following stroke. This deficit is associated with difficulties focusing on relevant information and excluding distracting thoughts and behaviours during cognitive tasks. These problems make it difficult for people to engage with and learn from training tasks. As a result, impaired cognitive control is associated with poor recovery in stroke aphasia. In this project, we will investigate new approaches to rehabilitation in this population. Difficulties employing effortful control may be compensated by the use of intrinsically-motivating tasks, for example, through the use of materials relevant to the ‘self’ and by providing overt rewards (“gamification”). Training tasks which maximise these elements are expected to reduce reliance on aspects of cognitive control that are impaired. This project will therefore establish whether task engagement and performance can be improved by maximising intrinsic motivation within cognitive tests.
Effective start/end date1/07/1830/06/19