CIRCLE: Collaboration for Integrated Research, Conservation and Learning (£41,467.50)

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CIRCLE is a University of York Environment Department collaboration with Flamingo Land, the UK’s most visited zoo. The aim of CIRCLE is to carry out ground-breaking research that will contribute to the conservation of wild animals and places, and to disseminate the information in a manner that is accessible, interesting and fun.

Research by CIRCLE staff includes methods for conserving biodiversity and delivering environmental education both in the UK and abroad. We also carry out research into zoo exhibit design for animal welfare, and into the worldwide role of zoos for conservation and science. CIRCLE also offers courses in statistical methods and highly competitive annual internships, which provide early-career researchers with practical research experience, in the design, execution, presentation and reporting of scientific work.

CIRCLE’s mission is to use scientific evidence to guide biodiversity conservation, animal welfare and public understanding of the natural world.
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