Computational electromagnetics for advanced materials and biomedical applications (EPSRC studentship)

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In the Applied Electromagnetic laboratory of the Physical Layer research group we are working on the electromagnetic properties of advanced composites and nano­structured materials for aerospace and other applications and wish to advance the computational modelling of the electromagnetic properties of the materials, both to understand how the design of the material affects its properties and also to incorporate models of materials in large scale computation such as the performance of electronic equipment on aircraft in the presence of high intensity radar systems.
We are also working on methods for measurement and modelling the electromagnetic properties of biological materials which can be used for medical diagnostic purposes, electromagnetic interactions of nano-particles in the human body, and to allow the modelling of the effects of people on wireless communications.

In this project we aim to develop efficient macro-models for complex materials, and structures such as material joints, and nano-particles, which can be incorporated into time-domain full wave solvers.

The work aligns with: the EPSRC Engineering theme topic: “Electrical motors and drives / electromagnetics” and the Healthcare Technologies theme challenge of Developing Future Therapies.

The work will be in collaboration with other internal projects on characterisation of materials working with a manufacturer of carbon fibre materials, and development of nano-particle based drug transport systems working across a number of University departments.
Effective start/end date1/10/151/10/18