Crimmigration, Progressive Punitivism and Human Rights: A Critical Analysis of Bordered Penality

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This research project examines the intersections of crimmigration, progressive punitivism and human rights. Crimmigration refers to the use of criminal law and punishment to regulate migration and border control. Progressive punitivism is a phenomenon that combines punitive policies with progressive rhetoric and values, including human rights. I explore how these three elements interact in the Italian context. I use a variety of theoretical and methodological tools, such as discourse analysis, socio-legal and political theory, and critical criminology.

As part of this project, I will participate in two panels at the LSA Annual Meeting 2023 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the first panel, I will present a paper titled "Bordered Penality as Antagonistic Politics", which examines the social and political implications of using criminal law as the primary tool to address migration issues in Italy. In the second, I will act as a discussant for the panel "Transitional Justice in liberal democracies: Exploring the Production and Reproduction of Frameworks, Concepts, and Narratives".

This project aims to produce original and impactful contributions to the fields of criminology, law and human rights. It also seeks to develop a broader research agenda that could attract external funding and collaboration opportunities. The expected outputs are: a conference paper; a journal article; and a research proposal for an external grant.
Effective start/end date25/04/2331/12/23