DJing workshops to help the UoY-connected StreetLife project engage with local communities

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I organised a practical DJing workshop for homeless people or those with recent experience of homelessness at StreetLife in April 2022, and a similar one for 25 children and two music teachers from Archbishop Holgate school in York (also held at StreetLife) the same month.

Layman's description

DJ decks are best treated as a musical instrument in the sense that a person utilises them to make musical sounds and to do this well requires rehearsal (often substantial rehearsal/practice) and skill. In the workshops, the musical skills involved in DJing were introduced to the participants.

Key findings

Substantial appetite for such opportunities in York among people who are not normally involved with the university in any way.
Short titleDJ workshops
Effective start/end date22/04/2229/04/22