EPSRC IAA: Multi-Element Smart Antenna Testbed

Project: Research project (funded)Internal pump-priming

Project Details


The aim of the project is to develop and use an antenna array to be developed by Sylatech for use with our software radio based testbed based on USRP RIO devices. We are currently developing the software code for a scalable multi-element smart antenna array driven by our USRP-RIO devices and the Labview Communications software, which is funded under a Research Priming Fund (RPF) project. This is currently using off-the-shelf antenna elements to form a crude antenna array, which due to its construction is limited to a small number of elements. This activity will enable us to work with Sylatech for the first time, allowing us to build up a working relationship, so that we can collaborate further on more extensive projects. We have already established a number of possible future activities. This potentially includes Sylatech participating as a project partner in a future £1.8M (£1M for York) EPSRC bid called ‘Rural-HAP – 5G and Beyond 5G Communications and Applications for Underserved Areas using High Altitude Platform Infrastructures’, which will use the array developed here as a sub-system for a more sophisticated wireless payload. This project will have a number of leading industry players, expected to include BT, Cell & Sat, ESA, JRC, Airborne Communications.

Key findings

This project has funded Sylatech to design and deliver a 16-element antenna array to work with the multi-element antenna array testbed developed by the RPF advanced beamforming testbed project. The planar antenna array will be on 2.3 GHz carrier frequency with half wavelength element spacing. Array design has been received by York and the manufacturing is in progress.
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/03/18