ERDF Yorkshire Innovation Fund Small Innovation Project 006-031

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Layman's description

For our disabled young participants, we will encourage participation in online conversations about York’s digital development (UNESCO City of Media Arts). They, their families, their carers assume that twitter precludes their participation because of its nature and the participants’ communication/motor skills. Via algorithmic based computational creativity we aim to encourage our customers to take the lead in telling York’s latest chapter. After 5 months we will celebrate their tweets with an exhibition of posters as well as integrating a digital display in our gallery window and York University’s TFTV to dovetail with ‘Illuminating York’ festival.

Key findings

The proposed research will fulfil two key objectives:

a) Enabling participants to generate and send their first ‘tweets’ via using a computational creativity algorithm and custom user interface. Participants will make choices on how they feel, what their opinion is, how they’ve enjoyed what their city has to offer. A 'twitter template' then aggregates their response into a tweet that is sent from their account (one of multiple accounts controlled by a single moderator). A participant will also be able to 'pool' a selection of words into the middle of their user interface and then 'drop' them into twitter templates.

b) Enabling users to participate in a Laser Graffiti system. This system will create a 'Pictionary' experience which allows artists/members of the public to 'digitally draw' around the text from tweets sent by disabled participants.
Each tweet generated from the participants is drawn around. The tweets will then have the text and accompanying artwork drawn around them, displayed at University of York’s Theatre, Film & Television’s ‘Black Box’ and displayed in shop windows to coincide with York’s ‘Illuminating York’ festival, with prints available for purchase from galleries, cafes and York Tourism HQ ‘Visit York’.
Effective start/end date1/04/151/06/15