ESRC IAA 14/15: Indicators for change - rethinking human rights from below

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Indicators For Change is a project to create a set of participatory local human rights indicators, to measure York’s progress on its journey to becoming a Human Rights City.

York Human Rights City Network, one of the lead partners on the project, conducted a piece of research in December to find out what residents of York felt were the five most important issues, through surveying over 500 residents and a range of civil society organisations (mostly around communities of identity and ‘protected characteristics’). The research identified five themes:

- Education
- Non-discrimination and Equality
- Health and Social Care
- Housing
- Standards of Living

The Indicators for Change project is about taking these themes and creating a set of indicators and benchmarks with which to measure them by. Human rights indicators have often been too focused on legislation or ratifying conventions, and when they do involve quantifiable indicators are often of little relevance to residents living in a specific city or locality. We wanted to create a set of indicators that were accessible, easy to understand and focused on the key issues in York.

Through partnership with City of York Council, North Yorkshire Police and York Council for Voluntary Services, we have been reaching out to community groups, civil society and local agencies to develop the indicators, and create trainings to embed the indicators and a culture of rights at each of the partners.

Layman's description

YHRCN is leading a project to create a set of indicators for residents in York to measure progress towards becoming the UK's first Human Rights City. This will be supported by training at local agencies, and a conference featuring academics, activists and other cities.

Key findings

Please see Interim Report in Attached Documents.
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