ESRC IAA Project: Enabling and Extending Engagement with Research: Open Accessible Summaries of Research in Language Studies (OASIS)

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This ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (ESRC IAA) funding supports a new project titled: Open Accessible Summaries in Language Studies (OASIS) which aims to make research findings accessible to everyone.

In close collaboration with a wide network of language education professionals and journal editors, we will:

1) establish a sustainable, systematic, international, cross-journal mechanisms for creating one-page, non-technical, openly accessible summaries of second language research studies;
2) develop a searchable user-friendly OASIS platform within IRIS for hosting the summaries and linking them to materials on IRIS, accessed via high-profile portals from external partners;
3) develop materials and deliver workshops to engage language education professionals with the summaries and monitor engagement and usage.

At the cutting edge of open science, this project will provide a step-change on an international scale in engagement with research.

Layman's description

This ESRC funded project aims to make research and new knowledge available to teachers, parents, practitioners and policy makers, in simple easy to understand one-page summaries. These single-page papers will be open-access therefore free for anyone to read and understand the latest research in the field of language learning, teaching and related issues.
Short titleESRC IAA
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18