Gamification of technical ear training and sound level measurement apps to de-gender and decolonise access to professional audio knowledge

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This project aims to diversify the music production industry globally through de-gendering and decolonising access to professional audio knowledge. A pilot of an AUDIO4ALL online course will generate impact from previously funded audio education projects with self-trained music producers and sound engineers who wish to develop their scientific grounding in acoustics and hone advanced technical skills in audio engineering in order to progress in the profession. In addition to establishing a partnership with Music Publishers Canada (MPC), two interactive apps will be developed for experienced studio professionals without a formal scientific background, to further their technical ear training and understanding of detailed sound level measurements. These innovative training resources will be tested over 12 months by users who represent marginalised social groups in the industry, including MPC’s Women in the Studio National Accelerator alumni in Canada, and members of the PI’s ‘West African Audio Network’.
Short titleThe AUDIO4ALL pilot
Effective start/end date1/07/2331/03/25