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Gas Sensors for Biomedical and Environmental Applications in Smart Cities and Agriculture in Vietnam: Towards a Vietnamese Centre of Nanoscience

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Emergence as one of the fastest growing economies in the
world has brought Vietnam a number of unwanted
consequences such as worsening air pollution due to a
rapidly growing number of motor vehicles and an increase in
diseases related to uncontrolled and fraudulent production
of 'fake' and dangerous food. Associated economic losses
total >$1billion/year (2% GDP; wpro.who.int) and, by 2020,
new cancer cases are forecast to increase to 190,000
(Infect. Dis. Poverty, 2017, 6:39). To counter this, we need
accessible, cheap and mobile technologies to monitor,
analyse and detect hazardous analytes in everyday
environments such as traffic, agriculture, the workplace and
food. Gas sensor technology has the real potential to detect
and analyse smells and target gases in crucial areas: breath
analysis for early cancer diagnosis; monitoring exhaust
gases to optimise traffic control; detection of volatile
agricultural organic compounds to provide safe and
sustainable crop and livestock growth. Although our
Functional Sensor Group has the knowledge and technology
to develop basic mobile gas sensors suitable for these tasks,
we lack understanding of the fundamental gas sensing
mechanism of the gas-absorbing unit. At present, no group
in Vietnam possesses the advanced surface science
equipment typically used to provide this understanding and
the associated expertise and knowledge base is sorely
lacking. Hence, work on gas sensing technology proceeds
inefficiently, has low scientific impact and is difficult to
develop into products for people in need. By sending
Vietnamese researchers and students to be trained at
leading UK groups in the fields of surface science (Dr Pratt)
and porous gas sensing materials (Dr Yeung), we will
address this skill deficit. This proposal is the first part of a
grander vision to establish the first Centre for Nanoscience
in Vietnam led by local and international experts. Such a
centre will lead to significant economic and societal benefits
to Vietnam.
Effective start/end date1/01/2030/06/21

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