Hallsworth Fellowship: Sikh and Muslim Conflict in the Global Sikh Diaspora

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The research will provide a comparative investigation by developing my doctoral work examining Sikh and Muslim conflict in the UK context. Conflict between Sikhs and Muslims in the diaspora has been remarked upon but rarely subject to sustained analytical investigation. This research will provide a transatlantic analysis comparing how the conflict has been manifested and represented by Sikhs in the UK, Canada and

Currently approximately 83 percent of the 27 million Sikhs worldwide live in India, following World War Two many Sikhs migrated to Britain and North America, as a result the UK, Canada and the US represent the largest population of Sikh settlers outside India. The diasporic element of the conflict being examined is central to this research hence the focus on the UK and North America.

This project will contribute to theoretical debates on inter-ethnic conflict, ethnic inequalities and socioeconomic mobility, comparative diasporic studies, the politics of the war on terror, and local inflections of global racisms. It will provide new comparative, empirical material on the formation of global diasporic communities.
Effective start/end date2/09/131/09/15