High Rate Coherent Quantum Channels

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Key findings

1) Extension of two-way QKD to thermal states and infrared regime, for potential application to wireless networks.
2) Proof of quantum discord as a fundamental resource for QKD, clarifying its role in noise-assisted QKD.
3) Development of measurement-device independent QKD for potential applications to network topologies involving untrusted relays and fulfilling the end-to-end principle.
4) Proof of the connection between the bosonic minimum output entropy and Gaussian discord, with full clarification of the nature of quantum correlations for a wide family of Gaussian states
5) Design of a new QKD protocol which is robust to side-channel attacks
6) Entanglement distribution on non-Markovian environments
Effective start/end date1/12/1130/11/14


  • EPSRC: £149,507.00