How can community reporters assist an understanding of experiences of food insecurity over the summer holiday amongst low-income families?

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This project is a unique collaboration between the University of York, the York Food Poverty Alliance (YFPA) and Church Action on Poverty (CAP). YFPA, an intersectoral group, is a key actor in food poverty/food insecurity research, practice and policy in York, providing invaluable links to multiple organisations. CAP have expertise in enabling the voices of people living in poverty to be heard on a sustained, regular basis through both mainstream and new media. The project extends existing work at the University of York, conducted as part of IKnowFood, on the lived experience of food insecurity amongst families and on the inter-relationship between health and food insecurity. It uses participatory methods to develop an in-depth understanding of food insecurity amongst families at a time of high risk: the summer school holiday.

This study employs participatory methods to achieve the following aims:
1) Understand family experiences of and responses to food insecurity during the summer holiday.
2) Improve the authenticity of reporting about food insecurity.
3) Empower people with personal experience of food insecurity to tell their own stories, in their own time and on their own terms.
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/12/18