Humanities and Social Sciences Centre on Global Health and Inequities

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This proposal intends to support the initiative to develop a new Centre at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) dedicated to Humanities and Social Sciences on Global Health and inequities. The Humanities and Social Sciences Centre for Global Health and Inequities will investigate scientific production, social, cultural and political challenges of developing cutting-edge research in a middle-income country. It will also investigate the translation of scientific knowledge into practices; the input of distinct methodologies, epistemologies and ontologies of communication, technical and informational tools, and frameworks on diffusion of social sciences innovations; the adaptation of such innovations to respond social needs such as inequities in health; and the role of economic and political imbalances and fragmentation in shaping scientific and technological production in Fiocruz and in the Global South.
This grant will enable to better define our cross-cutting themes and approaches by a series of workshops with world-leader researchers; visits to world reference centres to inspire and support a full proposal to be presented to Wellcome Trust; identify the best suited methodologies and researchers to integrate the Centre and to respond to new WT research funding strategies in social sciences and humanities in health, including institutions and challenges from the Global South.
StatusNot started