Implementing smoking cessation in tuberculosis (TB) clinics- engagement with a private healthcare provider in Pakistan

Project: Other project (funded)HEFCE-funded project

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IAA GCRF Funding 18-19 Impact Development project (£16,850 awarded)

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TB is a leading cause of death worldwide and smoking tobacco worsens its outcomes. Our team developed and evaluated a behavioural support (BS) intervention to help TB patients quit smoking. Using a Centre for Future Health KIT grant, we are implementing it within public-sector TB clinics in Pakistan. Next, we plan to scale-up these activities in the private healthcare sector. We propose to engage with a private healthcare provider (Indus) to: (a) integrate BS in private-sector TB clinics; (b) understand the socio-political context for scale-up within the wider Indus Health Network; and (c) adapt BS for other respiratory conditions.
Effective start/end date15/11/1831/03/19