Implementing the Person-Centred Community Care Inventory (PERCCI) as a measure for quality in older people’s mental health and social care services

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Person-centred care is a fundamental principle underpinning mental health and social care services. To be able to improve care standards, and research ‘what works’, we need good questionnaire-based measures. For older people receiving care at home, these are missing. Our previous research developed the Person-Centred Community Care Inventory, which met all the standards of good measurement that we tested. Yet the next step is one of the most important: we need to define what different scores on this measure mean. For example, what score would indicate sub-standard care, in need of urgent improvement? These questions are not easy to answer and existing methods only focus on clinical outcome measures. This study proposes to review and test the feasibility of different approaches for measures of care experiences, and to describe how valuable the measure could be to practice. The lead applicant would then apply for further Fellowship funding.
Short titlePerson-centred care: Meaning and measurement
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19