Indicators for socially-responsible consumption and production

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Knowledge of environmental threats and risks embedded in supply chains has increased in recent years with advances in data availability and supply chain and impact modelling. Comparatively, research and development linked to metrics of social impact/risk have lagged despite the importance of sustainable social development within, for example, the Sustainable Development Goals and corporate responsibility activities. We plan to address this gap – applied to sugarcane supply chains where social risks and impacts are prevalent - by reviewing the landscape of indicators and data sources suitable for integration into supply chain impact and risk assessment. Prioritisation of key social indicators - based on a collaborative, interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder assessment of key social risks - will be followed by a proof of concept application within a powerful supply chain modelling framework, with the intention of embedding outcomes of this project in future interdisciplinary research programmes that explore ‘whole systems’ food resilience and sustainability.
Short titleN8 AgriFood Sugar Project
Effective start/end date1/08/1730/04/18


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