Integrated Nitrogen Management on Yorkshire Farms

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Currently, there is a lack of ‘joined-up’ agricultural policy and practice to tackle excessive nitrogen pollution from fertiliser use and animal waste affecting climate and water, air, soil, biodiversity and ecosystem quality. Under emerging government policy, related to the 25 Year Environment Plan and the new Agriculture Bill, there is an opportunity for the ‘polluter pays principle’ to be balanced with payments for ‘public goods’ related to environment and human health benefits. If farmers are to meet targets that reduce air and water pollution and increase soil health and biodiversity, they need to know the best approaches for achieving them whilst simultaneously maintaining or increasing farm profitability. INMY Farm is based on the recommendations of forty stakeholders from farming, agricultural policy and scientific research that attended an iCASP-sponsored workshop to explore integrated nitrogen management (INM) approaches. This project will synthesise good practice from scientific knowledge, innovative farming, and previous policy lessons to identify benefits, trade-offs and pitfalls to inform more integrated and efficient nitrogen use in mixed arable and livestock farming. The results will be co-produced in close co-operation with key stakeholders, especially with Yorkshire farmers, farming networks, and their advisors. The project will produce user-friendly guidance document for integrated nitrogen management (INM) on mixed arable and livestock farms (which matches Defra policy with farm management practices), along with briefing papers of key outcomes of the work for different stakeholder groups such as Defra, Natural England, Environment Agency, Regional Advisers, Local Farmer Networks etc.
AcronymINMY Farm
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21