Interdisciplinary research into the material culture of autism spectrum conditions

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This project explores the relationship between autism spectrum conditions (ASC) and material culture

Layman's description

We are looking at how autism affects people's choice of personal possessions and objects and buildings around them, as well as (more recently) wider elements of material culture

Key findings

This project follows on from an initial project 'Lost in Translation': Autism and material culture, funded by the Chronic Diseases and Disorders Centre at York University (Spikins and Slocombe). We have continued with a second funded project on objects (Creativity Priming Funds, Spikins and Wright)) and a third focusing on autism and buildings (Culture and Communication Priming Funds, Schofield, Spikins and Wright). as well as public engagement (including interviews with Radio York, and a public talk and exhibition at the Ron Cooke Hub, University of York), and publications. More recently we are looking at the significance of our evolutionary understanding of autism, and the interaction of autism and educational contexts.
Effective start/end date31/03/131/05/24